Jul 21, 2023

From The Humidity Of Mumbai To -3 In Germany | International Immersion

Zeal Raichura   GMP Batch 14, June 21

Why I Chose What I Chose.

While researching programmes and schools for my further studies I was looking for two things primarily in B-schools – credibility and international exposure. That’s when I stumbled upon the Global MBA programme by SPJIMR, one of the top B-schools in Mumbai, India. It offered a semester in India, conducted by its renowned faculty. This was very important to me since I was aware of its world-class faculty who are also experts in their respective domains. I saw my chance and I took it – because who would let go of an opportunity to learn from the best minds of the world? Additionally, SPJIMR’s GMP programme had affiliations with top universities around the world, for students to move on with any one of its partner schools, and build their global career in that particular country. This seemed intriguing as finding a job in a foreign country is difficult if done independently. SPJIMR offered me the best of two different worlds – a strong Indian foundation, with a global touch.

New Country, New Me!

I arrived in Germany right in the middle of Winter. From the humidity of Mumbai, to -3 here, was one of the many things that immediately hit me as I set foot in this country. It was the first time I had travelled overseas, the first stamp on my passport. People here were so warm and friendly, and ever-ready to travel. From a fresher to the CEO, everyone believed in the notion of work-life balance, and attached importance to family time and friends. Travelling instantly became a priority for me too, when I got here, and more importantly, once I got my Schengen visa, giving me access to numerous countries. I have visited Belgium, Italy, France, and Prague – all in one single year, and that too on my student budget, and with my internship stipend.

Although this programme is built around giving students international exposure, the downside of having so much freedom could lead to students losing focus. However, if they set goals and keep working towards them, the sky’s the limit.

The GMP programme really helped me get my foot in the door. It was solely because of SPJIMR that I got into the Europe Business School. I was never asked to introduce myself since everyone knew what it stood for. That’s when I realised that these affiliations were not just for the sake of having fancy names displayed on the website, or just packing students and launching them in foreign countries, they’re actually extremely valuable! They really set the student up for a successful career. Then, of course, it comes down to the amount of effort the student is putting in to excel in their field.

Growth Comes With Exposure

When you’re around the same people, with the same mindset, the potential for growth is limited. Getting out of the country exposed me to diverse cultures.

A large part of the people I am currently dealing with are from Germany (obviously), Vietnam, Italy, Ukraine, France, and people from various parts of South America. When people from different parts of the world come together, with their unique cultures, upbringing, and life experiences, they bring different perspectives to the table. The conversations are so enriching, making you a well-rounded person. You develop a healthy curiosity, go out of your way to talk to people, learn from their experiences, and understand why they’re saying what they’re saying. You learn to empathise with people, and in better words, you learn to put yourself in their shoes. All this then reflects in your professional life too – in the way you deal with customers, colleagues, managers, juniors, and everyone around you.

Nothing Quite Like SPJIMR

I owe my success to SPJIMR for the kind of platform it offered me. Having been through the whole process I truly believe that when it comes to international MBA, SPJIMR’s GMP is one of the top-ranked programmes in the world!! The semester in India really prepared me for the hectic schedule that was to follow – I worked 18 hours a day with group studies and assignments, as well as exams to prepare for. This made me more independent. I was simultaneously building my network with the renowned faculty and alumni of the GMP, PGDM, and PGPM programmes – expanding the network I would always have access to. So even though I was technically by myself in a foreign country, I was never alone! I was connected to my mentors at all times.

So, in a nutshell, I would highly recommend the Global Management programme by SPJIMR to those looking to launch themselves internationally. The students pursuing this programme must be strong-willed to be able to rough it out in a different country, build their networks, reach out to people on LinkedIn, and keep updating their CVs. The programme nudges its students to become responsible. These students must also be quick learners. The market will tell what it needs from professionals in terms of skills, certifications, and personality, and then, as said above, it all comes down to how they incorporate that to stay on top of their game..

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