Sumit Garg

  • Designation: Co-Founder
  • Organisation: Threatbar

Sumit Garg is an experienced global professional, founder, and investor with a proven track record of success in the cybersecurity, compliance, blockchain, and SaaS industries. With extensive experience in the EMEA, APAC, and US regions, he has a global perspective and an established network of potential customers, partners, investors, and advisors. He has worked closely and has been advising early-stage startups from various global regions and assisting them in their growth journeys. He
has been part of the different teams that witnessed growth from early stages to growth-stage and subsequently leading to acquisition by large corporates.

As the founder of an innovative security crowd-testing platform that incorporated AI/ML models for risk scoring, Sumit has a deep understanding of product development, deployment, and integrations. He also has strong expertise in corporate finance, forecasting, valuation, and modeling. His experience in strategy, operations, and GTM enables him to provide strategic guidance and support to startups in various stages of growth. He is also a mentor and judge with MassChallenge, Inc (global accelerator and venture capital firm), where he provides valuable insights and feedback to tech startups from early-stage and fintech cohorts.

Sumit has a graduate certificate in corporate finance from HES, Harvard University, and also holds a postgraduate degree in international business. He is currently based in India and has previously lived and worked in Europe and South Africa.

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