Ratika Gore

  • Designation: Associate Director of MBA Programs
  • Organisation: Stevens Institute of Technology
  • Area of Expertise: Design Thinking, Critical Thinking, and Business Communication

Ratika Gore is an entrepreneur-turned-academic with 25+ years of global experience working in multiple geographies with diverse stakeholders.

Before joining academia, in her 12+ years of running businesses in 5 countries, she has worked with multinational organisations like Kroger (USA), Veritas (Europe), Tan Tock Seng Hospital (Singapore), and Rustan’s (Philippines). She has developed new product lines, built marketing assets, and handled international shipping and documentation logistics.

She joined academics in 2013 and is now a top-rated faculty of Design Thinking, Critical Thinking, and Business Communication. A doctoral scholar from IIM Lucknow and an MBA from SPJIMR, she is also a certified coach, consultant, and advisor to several organisations, including start-ups and NGOs.

Her research interests are User Behaviour, Social Network Sites and Entrepreneurship and have been presented at international conferences and government advisory agencies. She appears on industry panels in different countries (India, Australia and Singapore) for varied topics, including digital marketing communication, the future of education, career readiness, and women in the workplace. Her articles appear in publications like Forbes India and Business World.

She is a critical thinker with a growth mindset, exemplifying innovative thinking with an entrepreneurial temperament, execution excellence, exceptional people skills, and global experience.

With her diverse experience, knowledge, and skills, Ratika is a valuable mentor for startups. Her experience in business management and sales could be beneficial for startups in the early stages of their development. Furthermore, her academic background and experience teaching courses such as Design Thinking and Critical Thinking could be useful for startups that require guidance in these areas and are looking to improve their digital marketing strategies.

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