Abhishek Sanghvi (EM)

  • Designation: Co-Founder
  • Organisation: Ecosystem Ventures

Abhishek Sanghvi is a well-known entrepreneur and investor in the startup ecosystem. He co-founded Ecosystem Ventures, a venture capital firm that focuses on investing in early-stage startups in India.

Ecosystem Ventures (ESV) invests in early-stage ventures, typically at the pre-Series A level. ESV has invested in 18 ventures enabling a 3.2x MOIC within 3 years, with zero venture failures.

Abhishek is well known for his expertise in building companies ground up. As a serial entrepreneur, he founded Synapse (tech & analytics), RedMonk (digital marketing) and iLEAD FinServ (finance & accounting) – each with a global client base.

Abhishek comes with deep experience in Strategy & Finance, having spent the first half of his career in New York helping companies like Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, Capital One, American Express, JP Morgan & Wolters Kluwer. He combined his experience in strategy, entrepreneurship and investments to help build several startups, including WhiteHat Jr, Credilio and GeoIQ. He is also a Charter Member of TiE Global, a non-profit organisation with the mission of fostering entrepreneurship through mentoring, networking and education.

Abhishek is an engineer and holds a PGDM from IIM Bangalore.

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