PGPFMB fee structure

The total fee for the programme is INR 17,05,000 plus 18% GST, excluding hostel, domestic and international travel and any other incidental expenses. The fees can be paid in a lump sum on admission or in instalments –

  • Registration Fees – INR 1,00,000 / 1,18,000 (with 18% tax) – To be paid at the time of admission
  • First Instalment – INR 8,50,000 / 10,03,000 (with 18% tax) – To be paid as per the date informed, before the start of the batch
  • Second Instalment – INR 7,55,000 / 8,90,900 (with 18% tax) – To be paid three months after the batch start date

Note: Fee payments are not accepted in cash.

Fee payment structure for PGPFMB 35

Description Due date Amount in INR Amount in INR including 18% GST
on tuition fees and 12% GST on hostel fees
Registration Before the start of the Batch 100000 118000
First installment Before the start of the Batch 850000 1003000
Second installment Three months after the batch started. 755000 890900
Total   1705000 2011900
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