Frequently asked questions (FAQs) | PGPFMB

  • What are the eligibility criteria for the programme?

    Has passed an undergraduate programme from a certified, recognised university.

    Has to be at least a second-generation member of a family-managed business. 

    Has a mentor who is committed to mentoring the student through the course and who is willing to commit to the use of the family business as the test bed for course projects

  • What will be the programme fees?

    The total fee for the programme is INR 17,05,000 plus 18% GST, excluding hostel, domestic and international travel and any other incidental expenses. The fees can be paid in a lump sum on admission or in instalments  – Registration Fees – INR 85,000  / 1,00,300 (with 18% tax)

    • First Instalment – INR 6,80,000 / 8,02,400 (with 18% tax)
    • Second Instalment – INR 6,80,000 / 8,02,400 (with 18% tax)
    • Third Instalment –  INR 2,06,000 / 3,06,800 (with 18% tax)

    Hostel fees – 1,00,000 (GST not applicable) 

    The hostel facility is available for participants. Fee payments are not accepted in cash.

  • Is it a residential programme?

    It is a modular programme. Students will be at the Mumbai campus for one week in a given month.  

  • Is it necessary to have work experience to apply for the programme?

    Immersion into one’s family business, even when it has been done alongside one’s education, is desirable. 

  • What is the total intake of the programme?

    The programme has a total intake of up to 250 students a year { in pre-Covid times}, which is subject to modifications based on government norms regarding social distancing.

  • Which entrance scores does the programme accept?

    Not applicable.

  • Do I need to indicate an area of specialisation while applying for the programme?

    No. However, when you are in Phase 2, you will be required to make a choice of your Major and Minor Electives.

  • Can we apply for more than one specialisation?

    Yes. You can opt for a minor elective in phase II and a major elective in phase III of the programme. Additionally, you may also choose to audit courses based on programme norms.

  • How does opting for two specialisations benefit me?

    Participants in the PGPFMB typically have business interests in multiple industry verticals. The provision to choose two specialisations helps participants to focus on their primary industry vertical, even as they gather knowledge regarding both current and potential minor business interests.

  • Am I allowed to change my specialisation once I join the programme?

    You will have sufficient time to decide on the specialisations to choose. Once you have opted for an elective and classes have commenced, you will not be allowed to change the specialisations.

  • When does the application process for 2022-2024 begin?

    We follow a rolling process of admissions. Hence, we invite applications all year round.

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  • When is the last date to submit the form?

    Not applicable. As we follow a rolling process of admissions. Hence, we invite applications all year round.

  • Can I submit the form without the CAT percentiles or GMAT scores?

    Yes. The programme does not have mandatory CAT or GMAT requirements.

  • Do I need to send my GMAT scorecard or score report to SPJIMR?


  • How do I pay my application fees?

    Online mode of payment.

  • During online payment the amount was deducted from my bank account but the transaction Id was not generated and I am not able to submit the form. What should I do?

    Email your query to and wait for the admissions team to revert to you. 

  • Who should I contact If I have a question regarding the status of the application?

    The FMB Admissions team – 

  • When do I need to submit the documents to support the data I have filled in the form?

    Before the interview. 

  • Do I fill a separate application for a profile based shortlist?

    Not applicable.

  • What is the qualifying entrance test score for an Indian applicant?

    Not applicable.

  • What is the selection process for the Programme?

    Selection of a participant for PGPFMB is based on three parameters – The Candidate / Their Business / The Mentor . Each parameter comprises further composite criteria to assess the participant’s suitability for the programme and their business acumen, the nature of the business and its potential, as also the mentor’s commitment to the program and its requirements of using the business as a lab.

  • Can I reschedule my Interview date once I choose a slot?

    Yes. In case of any emergency, you may reschedule your interviews to the next mutually convenient date.

  • When will the profile and profile cum score based interviews be conducted?

    Not applicable. 

  • How do I get a loan?

    You may contact the bank and apply for a student loan. Should you need any documents for applying, you may write to us at

  • Is there any scholarship available?

    No. There are no scholarships available for PGPFMB participants.

  • Is there any special housing arrangement for married students?

    No. The Male and female housing is separate on campus, with separate hostels for men and women.

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