May 08, 2024

Shirley Menon shows the transformative power of education in the social sector!

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In recent years, an inspiring shift has been observed in the career aspirations of individuals, with many seeking fulfilment beyond mere monetary gains. Increasingly, people are turning their attention to the development sector, driven by a profound desire to make a positive impact on society. While financial stability remains a crucial factor, there is a growing recognition that true satisfaction comes from contributing to the well-being of others. However, a notable trend within this movement reveals that a significant majority focus on addressing human-centric issues. This bias toward human welfare is evident in the proliferation of NGOs and various rescue programmes to aid individuals in distress, be it from danger or disease.

Sadly, amidst these well-intentioned efforts, animals often find themselves relegated to the background, their plight overlooked and neglected. The spotlight on human-centric causes, while undeniably vital, has resulted in a disparity when it comes to addressing the suffering of our fellow creatures. Animals living on the streets, facing dangers and diseases, are often left without advocates or protectors. In this scenario, it takes a compassionate and visionary individual to recognise the vulnerabilities of our four-legged companions and step forward to address their challenges.

One such individual, a beacon of compassion in a world focused primarily on human welfare, took it upon themselves to champion the cause of street animals. Understanding the perils these creatures face daily – from accidents and diseases to neglect and abuse – this empathetic soul embarked on a mission to rescue and rehabilitate them. Their journey is a testament to the transformative power of genuine empathy and the impact one person can have on the lives of the voiceless.

Shirley Menon

A seasoned professional with around twenty years in the development sector took a bold step to transition from a lucrative role in compliance. Later, she started her career in the social impact sector and founded an NGO for stray animals called ‘Save The Stray’. It all started with saving a stray dog from the streets of Mumbai, after which she founded and managed an NGO for stray animals, showcasing her commitment to social causes. One thing led to another, and she eventually became the Chief Programme Officer at St. Jude India, where she made some significant changes. One of her colleagues saw her passion, recognised her talent, and recommended her to pursue a Post Graduate Programme in Development Management at SPJIMR.

Learn how this programme from the top B-school in Mumbai was a ‘game-changer’!

Shirley recently shared her journey and the profound changes she implemented in her organisation after completing SPJIMR’s Post Graduate Programme in Development Management (PGPDM).

Shirley Menon

The PGPDM programme at SPJIMR has been a game-changer for me and my organisation. It equipped me with the skills needed to drive positive change in the social sector. The focus on fundraising, data analysis, and innovation has enabled us to enhance our programmes and achieve tangible outcomes. I’m truly grateful for the learning experience and the lasting impact it has had on our initiatives at St. Jude..

– Shirley Menon, Chief Programme Officer at St. Jude India ChildCare Centres

The success that followed…

Post the PGPDM programme, Shirley spearheaded two initiatives, the ‘Kindness Crew’, a volunteer engagement programme, and the ‘Returning Management Program’, ensuring families complete cancer treatment. The success of these initiatives has resulted in a 98% retention rate for registered children, showcasing tangible positive change.

The PGPDM programme played a pivotal role in Shirley’s professional growth, offering insights into social branding, fundraising, innovation, and data analysis. Shirley highlights the lasting impact of the Development Management Research module, emphasising its role in understanding and measuring the outcomes of the programmes. Her leadership at St. Jude has significantly improved the lives of children battling cancer.

Shirley’s journey and the success of St. Jude’s initiatives present a unique perspective on the transformative power of education in the social sector.

Unbelievable how a programme can have such a profound impact on an individual’s career, right? Let’s learn more about the bridge that led her to the stairway to success –

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