Aug 08, 2023

The ultimate guide to securing PGDM admissions in the business capital of India!

Mumbai, the bustling metropolis, offers a plethora of internship and full-time job prospects, making it an ideal destination for aspiring management professionals. According to a Naukri report, hiring in Mumbai witnessed an impressive 41% growth in the Q4 of FY 2022, and the hiring of freshers surged by 50% compared to the previous year’s Q4.

For those seeking a career in management and aiming to thrive in this vibrant city, enrolling in a Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) in Mumbai is a transformative step. With several renowned B-schools and institutes offering PGDM courses, including the prestigious SP Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR), Mumbai has become a magnet for students from all corners of the country.

Learning about the city is good, but never enough!

Let’s understand more about YOU!
Is PGDM The Right Fit For You?

Before diving into the tips, let’s ensure that PGDM aligns with your career aspirations. A PGDM programme will suit you if:

  • You aspire to build a successful career in management.
  • You seek to switch or pursue a career in a subject of interest.
  • You wish to upskill and advance your career without taking a break.
  • You are a working professional looking to fast-track your career growth.
  • You possess leadership qualities and aim to excel in the world of business management.

Nothing will be served to you on a platter! Here are a few crucial
Tips To Secure Admission To PGDM In Mumbai

Strengthen Your Preparation

  • Practice sample question papers and solve previous years’ questions.
  • Take mock tests to improve your chances of clearing the entrance exams with flying colors.

Stay Updated With Current Affairs

  • Make newspaper reading a daily habit to ace the current affairs section in the exam.
  • Stay well-informed for group discussions and interviews.

Master Time Management

  • Entrance exams demand time efficiency. Practice mock drills to improve your speed and accuracy.

Choose Your Elective Subject Wisely

  • Select your specialisation carefully as it shapes your career progression.

Highlight Your Leadership Skills

  • For candidates with work experience, showcase your portfolio with a focus on leadership skills.

Showcase Career Growth

  • Highlight your career progression and handling of significant responsibilities to impress B-schools.

There exist numerous B-schools in Mumbai that offer Post Graduate Diploma in Management.
So, Why Should You Choose SPJIMR For PGDM?

SPJIMR stands among the top 10 B-schools in India and globally, with a reputation for influencing managerial practice and promoting value-based growth. With the first introduction of Information Management as a major specialisation in India, SPJIMR leads the way in innovative education.

Key Highlights Of SPJIMR’s PGDM Programme

  • Innovative Pedagogy – The PGDM course offers a unique blend of classroom learning, hands-on experiences, real-world projects, industry interactions, and practice scenarios. This approach aims to develop a wise mindset that includes being humble about knowledge, thinking deeply, understanding context, showing compassion, and taking responsible actions. This comprehensive method helps individuals grow as leaders who make positive contributions to society.
  • Industry Connect – The PGDM programme offers excellent opportunities to prepare participants for the working world. The Career Services team and specialised clubs assist participants in improving their professional skills, shaping their professional identities, and presenting themselves well to potential employers. The programme also includes International Immersions, which provides hands-on learning experiences at renowned global business schools and companies. This exposure helps participants engage with international thought leaders and stay updated on industry trends.
  • International Immersion – Through partnerships with top global business schools and international companies, the PGDM programme gives participants immersive experiences in international business practices and management innovation. During the course, students travel to leading business schools around the world to gain firsthand insights into evolving global business practices. Industry engagements also teach participants about the cultural differences that impact how businesses operate and innovate across various regions. The Global Fast Track (GFT), a 3-week international immersion program, offers a practical curriculum that includes case studies, simulations, and role-playing, helping participants understand global economies and emerging industry trends in a dynamic global environment.
  • Placements – The PGDM programme has consistently achieved a 100% placement record for over two decades, showcasing the program’s high-quality education and training. In the 2022 final placements, more than 59% of the batch received offers above INR 30 lakhs per annum, and over 87% secured offers over INR 25 lakhs per annum.
  • Rankings – SPJIMR’s PGDM programme holds a strong rank, with the 2022 Financial Times Masters in Management (FT MiM) Rankings recognising it as one of India’s top two management institutes. Among Indian management programs, PGDM is ranked first for its Careers service (ranked 10th globally) and Career progress (ranked 22nd globally) by FT MiM. Additionally, SPJIMR’s PGDM consistently ranks among the top 10 management programmes in the country.

Conclusion: Your Gateway To Success

As you set your sights on a bright future in management, following these tips will place you ahead of the competition in securing PGDM admission to Mumbai’s esteemed B-schools. SPJIMR, with its top-notch programme and global recognition, awaits to empower you with the knowledge and skills to excel in the world of business management.

Take the leap, embrace your journey, and witness your dreams materialise into reality!

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    • Can a working professional apply for PGDM in SPJIMR?

      Yes, working professionals can apply for PGDM in SPJIMR with a maximum of 5 years of work experience.

    • What are the options for major specialisation in PGDM at SPJIMR?

      You can choose from Operations and Supply Chain, Marketing, Information Management, and Finance.

    • Do you have general management as a specialisation at SPJIMR’s PGDM?

      We do offer general management courses in the PGDM (Business Management) programme.

    • Does PGDM at SPJIMR offer any non-classroom learning experience?

      Absolutely! SPJIMR’s PGDM programme offers immersive non-classroom experiences through initiatives like Abhyudaya, PGLab, DoCC, ADMAP, SOS, Design and Innovation.

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