PGP-MBM curriculum and programme structure

Participants are introduced to concepts and applications through a carefully crafted blend of pedagogical methods such as case analysis and discussions, games and simulations, debates, group activities and presentations, workshops, guest lectures by eminent practitioners, self-learning and reflection.

Programme structure

The programme is conducted in three phases, spread across 13 months and involves 30 full days of classes. The programme is delivered in a modular, blended format with five contacts of 6 days each, three contacts on-campus and two online.

  • Orientation Phase (Contact 1)

    • Financial Accounting
    • Managerial Economics
    • Managing Self & Teams
  • Foundation Phase (Contact 2 & 3)

    • Business Communication
    • Business Analysis using Financial Statements
    • Quantitative Methods
    • Marketing Management
    • Consumer Behaviour Analysis
    • Sales & Distribution Management
    • Data Analytics and Visualisation
  • Integration Phase (Contact 4 & 5)

    • Sales Operations
    • Service Operations
    • Strategic Management
    • Customer Experience Design
    • Negotiation Skills
    • MarkStrat
    • IT Tools for Sales & Marketing
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