Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any registration fee to participate in Beta Start?

No, registration for Beta Start is free of charge. Start-ups can submit their ideas without any cost.

What is the selection criteria for shortlisting start-ups for the final Demo Day?

This information is typically available closer to the event date.

Will the start-ups not selected for the final Demo Day receive any feedback?

Yes, start-ups that do not make it to the final round will receive constructive feedback from the evaluation panel to help them improve their ideas.

How long is the mentorship and training period for the selected start-ups?

This information is typically available closer to the event date.

How can investors and potential partners get involved with Beta Start?

Investors and potential partners can reach out to us through to explore collaboration opportunities, such as becoming jury members or sponsors for the event.

What types of start-ups are eligible to participate in Beta Start 2.0?

Beta Start 2.0 is open to all types of start-ups, including tech, social impact, and sustainable ventures. We encourage innovative ideas that can bring a positive change to society.

Will non-tech start-ups be considered for selection?

Yes, we welcome both tech and non-tech start-ups to participate. The selection process is based on the strength of the idea and its potential impact, irrespective of the industry.

Will Beta Start 2.0 provide funding to selected start-ups?

Beta Start 2.0 does not guarantee funding, but selected start-ups will have opportunities to pitch their ideas to potential investors and partners during the event.

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