Building Resilience in Supply Chains and Communities

(Deadline Extended till 31st October, 2021)

SPJIMR Mumbai 22-24 December, 2021 Virtual

(Online mode)



Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s S P Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR) in collaboration with Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) India Chapter announces an international conference on the theme “Building Resilience in Supply Chains and Communities”. SPJIMR, as one of Asia's finest business school, has persistently built on its unique strength of imparting high-quality management education through pedagogic innovations, encouraging business-academia interface and emphasizing on its twin objectives of ‘Influencing Practice’ and ‘Promoting Value-based Growth’. It has acquired the reputation of meeting societal needs by offering unique, purposeful, and relevant programmes. SPJIMR is a constituent of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan which is India’s premier non-profit organisation that has, over seven decades, worked for the cause of education, preserving and promoting India’s rich cultural heritage.

POMS/POMS India Chapter

POMS is an international professional organisation representing the interests of professionals from around the world. Organised under the aegis of POMS India Chapter, this society aims to further the mission and efforts of POMS Worldwide. The purposes of this society are:

  • To extend and integrate knowledge that contributes to the improved understanding and practice of production and operations management;
  • To disseminate information on production and operations management to managers, scientists, educators, students, public and private organisations, national and local governments, and the general public;
  • To promote the improvement of POM and its teaching in public and private manufacturing and service organisation throughout the world.


Theme and Objectives

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, people across the world have been facing unprecedented challenges that has resulted in loss of lives and livelihoods to many. Extreme uncertainties in both supply and demand have severely disrupted supply chains and resulted in huge losses for companies in India and abroad. The economic and social impact of the pandemic has been devastating to many communities. Businesses are struggling to regain their momentum and are trying to adapt to the ‘new normal’. Companies need to transform their supply chains to build flexibility and resilience. Communities also need to transform themselves to effectively utilize available resources to withstand and recover from such adverse situations. Innovations in management of technologies and of people are required to bring in such transformations. Therefore, it is important for academicians, research scholars, practitioners, and policy makers to deliberate on the theme “Building Resilience in Supply Chains and Communities” and share their experience on a common platform.


The objective of the international conference is to provide a platform for academicians, researchers, and practitioners to:

  • disseminate research and provide insights into the challenges, opportunities, and emerging strategies in the domain of Operations and Supply Chain;
  • present case studies on application of tools and techniques;
  • explore cutting-edge ideas, results and share experiences.

The conference will also host workshops and panel discussions led by experts from academia, industry and Non-profit organisations.



Highlights of the Conference

  • Keynote addresses by eminent academicians and practitioners
  • Panel discussions
  • Workshop / tutorials  
  • Doctoral Colloquium
  • Paper presentations
  • Publication of conference proceedings



Call for Papers

We would like to invite academicians, researchers and practitioners to submit an extended abstract of their ongoing research work/case studies in the broad area of operations and supply chain management. The POMS India International Conference 2021 at SPJIMR will have 15 broad research tracks (along with conference theme track) included, but are not limited to the following:

Track 1 & 2:

Supply chain resilience and

Supply chain strategies for pandemic response and recovery

Track Chairs:

Prof. Sundaravali Narayanaswami, IIM Ahmedabad

Prof. Priyanka Verma, NITIE, Mumbai

Track 3 & 4:

Emerging technologies in supply chain management and

Supply chain collaboration and coordination

Track Chairs:

Prof. Rameshwar Dubey, Liverpool Business school

Prof. Satish Krishnan, IIM Kozhikode

Prof. Shekhar Shukla, SPJIMR

Track 5 & 6:

Supply chain sustainability and

Socially responsible business operations

Track Chairs:

Prof. Rupesh Kumar Pati, IIM, Kozhikode

Prof. Debabrata Das, NITIE, Mumbai

Track 7:

Community resilience – role of public, private and NGO partnerships

Track Chairs:

Prof. Sreevas Sahasranamam, Glasgow, UK

Prof. Rajeev A, IRMA, Anand, Gujarat

Track 8:

Diversity and inclusion in communities

Track Chairs:

Prof. Shalini Parth, SPJIMR

Prof. Amit Jain, SPJIMR

Track 9:

Innovative models for financial equity

Track Chairs:

Prof. Disha Bhanot, SPJIMR

Prof. Arunima Haldar, SPJIMR

Track 10:

Humanitarian operations and crisis management

Track Chairs:

Prof. Anbanandam Ramesh, IIT, Roorkee

Prof. Lijo John, SPJIMR

Track 11:

Service supply chains

Track Chairs:

Prof. Sachin Jaiswal, IIM, Ahmadabad

Prof. Amol Dhaigude, TAPMI

Track 12:

Behavioural operations

Track Chairs:

Prof. T.T. Niranjan, IIT, Bombay

Prof. Rahul R Marathe, IIT, Madras

Track 13:

E-Governance and Digital Transformation

Track Chairs:

Prof. Ashutosh Moduli, PDPU Gandhinagar

Prof. Rishikesan Parthiban, SPJIMR

Track 14:

Public health and Healthcare Management

Track Chairs:

Prof. G. Anand, IIM, Kozhikode

Prof. Sushmita Narayana Aghalaya, NITIE, Mumbai

Track 15:

Operations Research tools/applications in decision-making

Track Chairs:

Prof. Devendra Kumar Yadav, NIT, Calicut

Prof. Subir Rao, SPJIMR



How to Submit a Paper

  1. Go to the website: (
  2. Click "Log in" at the top-right of the page
  3. If you already have an account, please enter your username and password
  4. If you are a new user of the website, please click on the link "Create an account" and register yourself
  5. Once you have logged in to the account, please enter the following in the address bar (
  6. Under the 'author' role, please click on the link "make a new submission"
  7. Enter your paper details and complete the submission process

If you have any questions about submitting paper to any particular track, feel free to contact the conference coordinators via e-mail/mobile.



Doctoral Colloquium

The POMS India International Conference will host a Doctoral Colloquium with the objective to provide students with guidance on their doctoral research efforts and help them increase their chances of having a successful academic career. In addition, the students would be given an opportunity to discuss their dissertation work with experts in their field. The colloquium will be held online and is open to doctoral students and any student who aspires to do a PhD in the field of management. The following are the sessions planned:

1. Early PhD Workshop

This workshop will help students who are currently in their course work/pre-proposal stage to identify research ideas/questions, understanding data sources and data collection processes from an Indian perspective.

2. Panel discussion: Navigating the job market and early career challenges

This panel discussion would help students understand when is the right time to apply for an academic job, prepare for recruitment seminars/interviews, etc. The panellists would include both seasoned academics and recent PhDs who will share their experiences.

3. Student presentations – Parallel Sessions

Students would present their research work to an expert faculty and get one-on-one feedback. The top two best presentations would be chosen for the best paper award.

4. Panel discussion – Enhancing teaching and learning effectiveness

This workshop will have a panel of experienced academics who will talk about creating an engaged classroom, leveraging different tools to enhance teaching effectiveness, etc.

The doctoral colloquium provides an opportunity for students who are pursuing their PhD / FPM to present their research to other students and experts in the field. A panel of distinguished researchers will offer feedback and provide valuable insights that can help students improve their research work. It is a platform for research scholars to exchange ideas in a relatively informal setting.

The aim of the colloquium is to contribute towards a transformative journey for a doctoral scholar, who will learn the nuances of a research journey and receive feedback on their research and publications. Extended abstract of 1500 words submitted to the doctoral colloquium will be reviewed, and top three research papers among those presented at the colloquium will be considered for the award of “Best Doctoral Paper”.

The submissions of extended abstracts (1500 words) for Doctoral Colloquium can be mailed directly to Dr Sreedevi R (Assistant Professor, SPJIMR) with email: and Dr Sushmita Narayana (Assistant Professor, NITIE) with email:



Important Dates

Submission of abstract (word limit of 100)

Extended till 31st October 2021 Link

Submission of extended abstract (Doctoral Colloquium)

Extended till 31st October 2021 Mail IDs: ( and

Notification of acceptance

15th November 2021

Full paper submission (Optional)

1st December 2021

Registration opens

1st November 2021

Registration closes

12th December 2021


Registration Fees

Academic Industry

INR 3000/-


INR 1000/-

Delegates from Abroad

US$ 50/-




Conference Steering Committee:

  1. Dr. Varun Nagaraj (Dean, SPJIMR)
  2. Dr. Vasant Sivaraman (Associate Dean, Academics, SPJIMR)
  3. Dr. Sushil Gupta (Florida International University, USA)
  4. Dr. Karuna Jain (IIT Bombay)
  5. Dr. Nagesh N. Murthy (University of Oregon, USA)
  6. Dr. Sajeev Abraham George (SPJIMR)

Conference Co-Chairs:

  1. Dr. Debmallya Chatterjee (SPJIMR)
  2. Dr. Subodha Kumar (Temple University, USA)

Program Co-Chairs:

  1. Dr. Sreedevi R (SPJIMR)
  2. Dr. Lijo John (SPJIMR)

Advisory Committee:

  1. Dr. K. K. Sinha (University of Minnesota, USA)
  2. Dr. Manoj Kumar Tiwari (NITIE, Mumbai)
  3. Dr. Suresh Sethi (UT Dallas, USA)
  4. Dr. Aravind Chandrasekaran (The Ohio State University, USA)
  5. Dr. Haritha Saranga (IIM, Bangalore)
  6. Dr. Sriram Narayanan (Michigan State University, USA)
  7. Dr. Asela Kulatunga (University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka)
  8. Dr. J. S Lamba (KJSIMSR, Mumbai)
  9. Dr. Sushmita Narayana Aghalaya (NITIE, Mumbai)
  10. Dr. Debabrata Das (NITIE, Mumbai)
  11. Dr. Rupesh Kumar Pati (IIM, Kozhikode)
  12. Dr. Vijaya Dixit (IIM, Ranchi)
  13. Dr. Amit Bardhan (FMS, Delhi)
  14. Dr. Jitendra Madaan (IIT, Delhi)
  15. Dr. Rahul R Marathe (IIT, Madras)
  16. Dr. Peeyush Mehta (IIM, Calcutta)
  17. Dr. Sachin Jaiswal (IIM, Ahmadabad)
  18. Dr. Milind Sohoni (ISB, Hyderabad)
  19. Dr. Satyendra Sharma (BITS, Pilani)



Contact Details: 

Mr. Praful V More 


Tel: +91-9004370787 (Between 9.00 am – 5.00 pm IST)

Contact Details for Doctoral Colloquium:

Dr Sreedevi R (Assistant Professor, SPJIMR)    Email: 

Dr Sushmita Narayana (Assistant Professor, NITIE)    Email:


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