SPJIMR Conducts SParc 2021 in a hybrid mode

November 22, 2021

SPJIMR’s first hybrid event, with audience present in the auditorium as well as many watching online, had an exceptional line up of speakers this year. They came from varied walks of life and brought diverse experiences. Each story was one of courage and heart, with each speaker inspiring all those present with their stories of overcoming all sorts of challenges to attain incredible success.

The speakers for this year’s event were:

–  Abhilasha Mhatre, an Arjuna awardee, ‘Queen of Kabaddi’ and one of India’s finest Kabaddi players

– Dr. Anjali Chhabria, India’s leading psychiatrist and mental health ambassador

– Dr. Amit Jain, a professor who advocates inclusive education for students with special needs

–  Swati Pakhare, an Abhyudaya Sitara who shines bright enough to ward life’s darkness away

– Stephen Charles Wei, a student of non-Indian origin and his experiences of growing up in modern India

– Haren Joshi, a young man who overcame great personal loss and learnt to become whole again

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