Samavesh 2023

September 1, 2023


Samavesh is the annual business-academia conclave organised by SPJIMR Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM) participants. It is a dynamic forum that brings together notable business leaders, respected industry experts, eminent thought leaders, and academia to discuss current business trends and collaborate to affect positive change in the business world. The meticulously planned panels, keynotes, and debates at the conclave allow guests to discover fresh perspectives, challenge conventional wisdom, and make a valuable contribution to defining the future of business.

In the 2023 edition, Samavesh presented a series of six distinct conclaves that explored emerging trends in the business landscape. The Samavesh 2023 experience resonated with synergy, diversity, and collaboration.

  • Operations and Supply Chain
  • Finance
  • Information Management
  • Marketing
  • Consulting
  • Human Resources

Conclave details

  • Operations and Supply Chain Conclave

    Theme: “Innovative Practices Shaping the Future of Supply Chain Management”

    Supply chain management is rapidly evolving due to requirement in tech progress, changing consumer expectations, global disruptions and others. Firms are embracing inventive strategies, including IOT, blockchain, AI/ML, RPA etc. to boost efficiency, visibility, and reliability. Adapting these methods is crucial for success in today’s dynamic global market. Join the conclave to uncover evolving supply chain innovations, opportunities, and challenges.


    Harsh Kumar

    Board Advisor


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    Dhruv Jain

    Head, Digital (I4.0) and Analytics

    Aditya Birla Chemicals

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    Manish Garg

    Head, Supply Chain Practice


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    Dhaval Thanki

    VP - APAC, MEA


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    Pooja Aggarwal

    Business Head

    Schindler India

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    Mayank Pandey

    Supply Chain Director

    Castrol India

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    Ameet Ahuja

    Business Head, FaaS

    Reliance Jio Bp

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  • Finance Conclave

    Theme: “Future Trends in Fintech: Exploring the evolving landscape of financial technology and potential developments”

    The future of fintech in India is a captivating narrative of technological evolution intertwined with regulatory prowess, fostering financial inclusivity and innovation. As the nation accelerates towards a digital economy, fintech’s landscape is witnessing transformative trends that promise to reshape financial services. Private players have harnessed innovation to revolutionise lending and financial inclusion. Fintech’s potential lies not just in urban centres but in rural landscapes, where accessibility is limited. Here, innovations like digital wallets for agricultural payments and mobile-based insurance are bridging gaps. The introduction of UPI Lite showcases continuous tech advancements driving financial inclusion. The evolving landscape of fintech in India is imbued with technological promise and regulatory diligence. Private players, guided by innovation, are bolstering credit access and financial inclusion. This synergy of technological advancement, regulatory stewardship, and private sector dynamism is painting a compelling picture of a more accessible, inclusive, and empowered financial future for all.


    Parthasarathi Patnaik

    Chief Credit and Risk Officer


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    Satish Kashyap

    CEO & Co-founder

    Drona Pay

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    Vikrant Potnis



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    Manish Daswani

    Chief Business Officer


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    Sirin Kumar

    Deputy GM


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  • Human Resources Conclave

    Theme: “The future of work in the digital era”

    From artificial intelligence, automation, and big data to virtual collaboration tools and remote work setups, our modern workplaces are experiencing a paradigm shift. The HR Conclave serves as your guide to navigating this transformation. Engage in insightful discussions centered on conquering challenges such as remote collaboration barriers, while unveiling opportunities to enhance engagement, leverage innovative tools, and foster cohesive remote teams. Join us to shape your career amidst this digital evolution.


    Navneet Sajlana

    AVP, HR

    PVR Inox

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    Shankar Krishnan

    Group Head - Strategy

    Shapoorji Pallonji

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    Satej Mehta

    General Manager HR, Corporate, TA, TM, C&B


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    Himanshu Kapila

    Director, Human Resources, India


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    Tanvi Mankodi

    OLS Faculty


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    Sandeep Joshi

    Chief Talent Officer - Mobility Solutions : Jio-bp


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  • Information Management Conclave

    Theme: “Applications of Generative AI in Business Transformation”

    Generative AI holds the potential to revolutionize various industries and transform the way businesses operate. By increasing efficiency and productivity at an unprecedented rate, this technology is unlocking new avenues for business growth. While embracing its potential, ensuring its responsible and ethical use through regulation also becomes paramount. Join this conclave to witness firsthand how businesses are effectively leveraging this transformative technology.


    Mandar Kulkarni

    Director CSA, Azure Infrastructure


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    Prakash Upadhyayula

    EVP and CIO

    Wolters Kluwer

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    Subramanian Laksmanan

    Principal Engineer


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    Shailaja Jha

    Area Head, Information Management


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    Pradeep Gulipalli


    Tiger Analytics

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    Kunal Mathuria

    Head - Data and AI Sales, GCP India


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  • Marketing Conclave

    Theme: “Customer-Centricity in the Digital Age”

    In the Digital Age, businesses prioritize customers through data-driven insights, AI, and omnichannel approaches, creating personalized experiences. This fosters loyalty and retention, a key differentiator in today’s digital world. By merging customer-centric strategies with digital progress, companies flourish in the evolving business landscape, staying competitive in a fast-paced market. Join this conclave to delve into how Customer-Centricity in the Digital Age unveils evolving challenges, opportunities, and innovations in the business landscape.


    Rajiv Nayyar



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    Ankush Shah

    Head, Growth Initiatives

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    Sandhya Biswas

    Country Head

    Morphy Richards

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    Pratik Gupta

    Founding Partner

    Zoo Media

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    Nishit Ratthe

    AGM, D2C & E-Commerce Excellence


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    Shabbir Hussain



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    Saakshi Rastogi


    IDFC First Bank

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  • Consulting Conclave

    Theme: “Sustainability and Consulting: Green Consulting”

    The fusion of Sustainability and Consulting creates Green Consulting, aiding businesses, governments, and organizations in adopting environmentally conscious practices. As corporate interest surges, the significance of green consulting expands, focusing on Sustainable Practices, Innovation through Sustainability, Responsible Leadership, Environmental Compliance, Green Supply Chains, Carbon Footprint Assessment, and Circular Economy Progress. Beyond cost benefits, sustainability offers resilience. Join the transformative journey at the Green Consulting Conclave to discover insights, strategies, and success stories by interacting with experts and thought leaders.


    Nitesh Mehrotra

    Partner, EY Sustainability


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    Sudipta Ghosh



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    Gaurav Sharma

    Director & Global Head

    HCL Technologies

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    Meghna Shrimali

    Associate Partner


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    Aditya Kandala


    ESG Data & Solutions

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    Sankar Chakraborti


    Acuité Ratings

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Conclave videos

Operations and Supply Chain Conclave

Operations and Supply Chain Conclave

Finance Conclave

Human Resources Conclave

Information Management Conclave

Information Management Conclave

Marketing Conclave

Marketing Conclave

Consulting Conclave

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