‘Samavesh’ is an annual event organised by SPJIMR PGPM students that brings together industry and academia to help exchange ideas, share best practices and learn from each other. Samavesh 2018 hosted leading industry leaders and professionals for a series of five conclaves centred around the theme ‘Going Digital: Changing the way of doing business’.

The five conclaves were Consulting, Information Management, Finance, Marketing and Operations & Supply Chain. Each conclave discussed how digitalisation is making an impact on business today, how business models are changing and the likely way in which these changes will play out in the future. Know more about the speakers. Learn more about Samavesh 2022, Samavesh 2019, and Samavesh 2017

Watch the event videos:

Event Agenda

  • Consulting Conclave

    Samavesh 2018 opened with Consulting Conclave around the theme ‘Consulting Opportunities in the Digital Era’. The consulting conclave addressed the questions – What is the nature of work being done by consultants in this space? What opportunities do they see evolving? What innovative approaches to running businesses do they foresee?

  • The Information Management Conclave

    The Information Management Conclave explored the various dimensions of the theme ‘Digital Disruptions Leading to Innovation in Business Models’ and shared insights about how ready are new-age technology firms for the implementation challenges posed by Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to bring new-age solutions.

  • The Finance Conclave

    The topic for the Finance Conclave, was ‘Opportunities and Challenges in the Evolving Financial Landscape’. The Finance Conclave at Samavesh 2018, answered some issues including the following questions: What is the digital readiness of the finance function and services? Are we prepared to handle the regulatory complications arising from going digital?
    Which functions are more likely to get disrupted in terms of execution and delivery? What is the future outlook regarding jobs in the financial services space?

  • The Operations & Supply Chain Conclave

    The Operations & Supply Chain conclave around the theme: ‘Transforming the Supply Chain in Industry 4.0’, also referred to as ‘the fourth industrial revolution’, discussed aspects of disruptive changes of digitalisation in the supply chain industry.

  • The Marketing Conclave

    The final conclave on Marketing with the theme ‘Digital Marketing: Is it the End of Traditional way of Doing Business?’ delved into the different facets of digital technology revolutionising conventional marketing approaches.


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