Feb 21, 2023

The Abhyudaya Chronicles


SPJIMR PGDM 2022-24 participants were asked to pen their personal insights about the unique Immersive Experience Abhyudaya. The cohort of 10 had to write individual articles for Abhyudaya Chronicles, share them with one another, edit, and then publish them. Elaborating on the Abhyudaya Chronicles, SPJIMR Prof. Vineeta Dwivedi, the faculty lead for this exercise, said the idea was:

a) to make the participants reflect and write in the form of an article
b) record their formative experiences in a readable/shareable manner

The two articles that resonated deeply with the faculty are:

Different but Same
A Journey of Growth and Empowerment: My Experience as an Abhyudaya Mentor

Abhyudaya is a transformative experiential learning course in which participants of the full-time PGDM programme mentor schoolchildren from underprivileged backgrounds. These bright schoolchildren are called Sitara, which means a star.

SPJIMR participants visit Sitara homes throughout the academic year to conduct mentoring sessions. Based on their first-hand exposure to the challenges of low-income neighbourhoods, participants also understand the significance of sustainable business development. Know more

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