Dec 02, 2021

How (not) to ace the 2.30 PM quizzes

Anirvan Majumdar,   PGDM 2021-23

It’s the last day of the Diwali vacation. Surprisingly, we’ve had the opportunity to keep our laptops aside, at least for a few days. It would be a while before we get a chance to rejuvenate again, and while I’d be lying if I said that I’m thrilled for the coming Monday, I’m indeed optimistic about the hustle that’s waiting for all of us.

And how does the coming week greet us? Three assignments, four quizzes and innumerable pre-reads. And that’s even before receiving any other deadlines on eKosh. Of all these components, one that stands out and amuses me the most is – the quizzes!

Don’t misjudge me – it’s not because of the increasing fluctuations in the ranks that I have been getting. What amuses me is my mother’s reaction when I suddenly tell her to keep my lunch ready since I have a quiz at 2.30 PM. She asks me about the result of “that quiz” which I had “that day”, to which I respond “which one?”. And this has been going on for the last four months. It’s not her fault that the conversation ends abruptly. If I could lose a count of all the WhatsApp groups we’ve had to make in just four months, it’s only fair for her to lose a track of all my quizzes and exams.

So, I’ll be going through the same cycle again this week – this has become normal. What never ceases to excite me is yet another phenomenon – How I always commit to finishing the syllabus by the evening before the quiz and end up staying up till 3 AM, merely glancing through the syllabus. The engineer within me still functions at the last minute!

My preparation begins by hoping that the classes end by 4.10 PM the day before the quiz, and seldom, I’m lucky. Upon completion of all classes for the day, the proper preparation begins by opening the course outline to check the following, in this very order:

  • The weightage for this quiz and the possibility of doing well in the other components
  • -If all quizzes are being accounted for in the final grade, or is it based on the best n-1 quizzes.
  • -The syllabus of the quiz.

As time passes, I revise the concepts taught in class. I try my best to look at the class recordings, whenever available – not because of my illegible or incomplete notes, but because of my belief that if I complete studying early, it’s probably not complete! (And each time I see my rank after a quiz, a part of this “belief” dies).

But it’s not the notes or rewatching the lectures that make your preparation complete – it’s those Adda sessions with your Finance friends, the Q&A on the division group and the resources that your Acad group friends share the night before the quiz. These are the people who make you feel confident while you log on to Mettl each time at 2.30 PM.

Cut to 2.45.01 PM – your WhatsApp chat is flooded with emoticons in response to that one message which elaborately describes our dilemma while looking at the numerous multiple options, correct or negative-marking questions that appeared in the quiz. And in no time, the clock strikes 2.55 and you’re ready to log in to your next class.

While the same occurs during the end-term exams, there is a silver lining to the exam week. During the end-term exams of Term 1, I could relate to the word of advice that a senior gave – “You’ll be most relaxed during the exam week since giving exams is all you’ve got to do! No assignments, no competitions, and the generous 2 days you get before the next term commences!”. Truer words have never been spoken!

Well, that has been my Life@SPJIMR. The vacation is now over and along with submissions, I have two quizzes this week. Time for me to repeat the process, but only this time, I promise that I’ll complete the syllabus well in advance. All the best, friends!!

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