Jan 24, 2024

#AbhyudayaKatha: “It has allowed me to recognise the significant influence I can have on someone’s life”

Rythm Ahuja, SPJIMR PGDM paticipant  

“Being a mentor has been a profoundly impactful experience for me, as it has allowed me to recognise the significant influence I can have on someone’s life. My mentee, Prajakta, affectionately calls me “didi.” During our initial meeting, I introduced her to the art of sketching, which happened to coincide with Friendship Day. This creative exchange deepened our bond. In return, Prajakta taught me Marathi, reflecting the mutual learning and growth within our mentorship.

One of the key challenges Prajakta faces is her hesitancy with public speaking. However, through our mentoring journey, we devised an exercise that required her to deliver a speech. This pivotal moment not only boosted her confidence but also strengthened our connection as a mentor and mentee.

Prajakta’s unwavering motivation to improve herself is truly inspiring. I firmly believe that, with the right guidance, she can achieve any goal she sets her mind to. I envision her future as one marked by immense success and a profound confidence in her abilities.

Through this mentorship, I have come to appreciate life’s opportunities more deeply and cultivate a sense of gratitude. Looking ahead, I believe incorporating outdoor sessions into our programme can offer unique and enriching experiences that can complement Prajakta and other Sitara’s growth.”

Abhyudaya-SPJIMR is a transformative experiential learning course where PGDM participants mentor underprivileged school children called Sitara, contributing to UN #SDG4 of Quality Education.

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