Jan 25, 2024

#AbhyudayaKatha: “Experiential learning gained from the Abhyudaya programme has been invaluable.”

SPJIMR PGDM participant Yash Pandit  

I wanted to establish a friendship beyond the mentorship dynamic, and I am happy that my Mentee Aaron affectionately calls me “Yash”. Initially, I harboured much anxiety about my role as a mentor to Abhyudaya’s Sitara, Aaron Anton D’Souza. I worried about how involved I could be in his life and what knowledge I could impart. However, as our sessions progressed, these apprehensions dissipated, and an unexpected transformation occurred. I learned as much, if not more, from Aaron than I could ever teach him. The first lesson I shared with Aaron, who aspires to write a novel, was about structuring stories. He exhibited a keen willingness to learn, which thrilled me. In return, Aaron introduced me to the new world of Pokémon, revealing his favourites, which made me realise how out of touch I was with the latest trends.

Our strong connection was cemented from the very beginning. Despite his mother’s warning that Aaron could be reserved, he opened up to me immediately, treating me as a friend. Aaron’s drive and motivation are exceptional, and I am confident he will effortlessly achieve his dreams even without external motivation. Looking ahead, I envision Aaron fulfilling his goal of becoming a scientist and attending a college that fosters his growth and learning.

The experiential learning gained from the Abhyudaya programme has been invaluable. Mentoring Aaron has not only made me more responsible but also patient, kind, empathetic, understanding, and self-reflective about the impact of my actions on someone who looks up to me. Given the opportunity, I would have dedicated more quality time to my mentee than I have thus far.

SPJIMR- Abhyudaya is a transformative experiential learning course where PGDM participants mentor underprivileged school children called Sitara, contributing to UN SDG4 of Quality Education.

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