Apr 18, 2024

Join The Entrepreneurial Revolution: Why GCPE Is Your Launchpad!

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The 14-Year-Old Entrepreneur To Win Rs. 50-Lakh Funding!

A remarkable class 8 student, Anoushka Jolly made history on the popular reality show by becoming its youngest entrepreneur to secure substantial funding of Rs. 50 lakhs for her innovative start-up idea.

Anoushka’s groundbreaking concept revolves around an anti-bullying app named ‘Kavach”. This visionary app is designed to empower students and parents by enabling them to report bullying incidents anonymously, providing schools and counsellors to intervene tactfully and address the issue effectively.

This serves as an inspiration to young minds everywhere, highlighting the potential for positive change that lies within the youth of today.

Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs.
~ Farrah Gray

India, ranked third globally in startups, with 90,000+ and $30B worth of unicorns, stands as a thriving hub, trailing only the US and China. The recent evolution of entrepreneurship and the start-up landscape catalyses economic growth, offering employment and wealth creation. Young, innovative entrepreneurs forge pathways to independence, extending opportunities beyond traditional employment. This journey towards self-reliance not only empowers individuals but also propels the economic progress of both developed and emerging nations, exemplifying a more inclusive and prosperous future.

However, becoming an entrepreneur has its own unique challenges, requiring a growth mindset and strategic planning for success. To provide the budding entrepreneurs of the country with a robust foundation, there are a number of B-schools that offer specialised programmes, setting them up for a bright future and success ahead.

Which is the top B-school in India offering programmes in Entrepreneurship?

GCPE by SPJIMR is your launchpad!

The Graduate Certificate Programme in Entrepreneurship (GCPE) is a unique experiential initiative in entrepreneurship offered by the top B-school in Mumbai, India – SPJIMR’s Centre for Family Business & Entrepreneurship (CFBE), a pioneer in family business and entrepreneurship education in the country.

Who is it for?

The Graduate Certificate Programme in Entrepreneurship (GCPE) is meticulously designed for ambitious undergraduates and fresh graduates, regardless of their academic background, who harbour an innate entrepreneurial spirit. If you’re someone who closely follows and feels enthusiastic about participating in the dynamic startup landscape or making innovative contributions to the corporate world in India, then GCPE is precisely the programme that aligns with your aspirations!

A practicing lawyer, Namrata, had an idea for her side hustle, however, she was not very sure about how to get started, and the structure of the startup. That’s when she enrolled in the GCPE programme by SPJIMR where she learned the importance of HR, marketing, sales, and business model canvas was one of the best topics she gained insights on. All the learning from this programme helped her run her business seamlessly, and she recommends it to those with an entrepreneurial mindset.

What are the objectives of the GCPE programme?

This programme offers an excellent opportunity for individuals to enhance their profiles, setting them apart for better career prospects and even higher education. The GCPE aims to serve as the catalyst in the transformation of the youth, fostering and nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset within them. It seeks to equip participants with a valuable skill set that not only fuels their entrepreneurial aspirations but also strengthens their readiness for success in academic and professional arenas.

GCPE salient features

  • Led by experienced SPJIMR faculty who are experts in entrepreneurship.
  • Designed to inspire and develop an entrepreneurial mindset and the ability to create businesses.
  • The duration of the GCPE programme is one month, with classes on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings.
  • By the end of the month, you’ll pitch "The most terrific business idea" with mentoring provided for your final presentation.
  • Includes a SPark Tank to assess the in-house business ideas.
  • Offered in a Hybrid mode, with two on-campus days (participants can choose to attend these online).
  • Provides ongoing mentoring from SPJIMR faculty even after the program.
  • Offers networking opportunities with fellow entrepreneurs and the SPJIMR entrepreneurial community.
  • Participants receive scholarships on successful course completion, where a partial fee gets refunded back.

Rankings & Ratings

The FT MiM Rankings assess various criteria, including alumni career advancement, school diversity, international exposure, and research quality, among others. 11 Indian B-schools have earned spots in the FT MiM top-100 rankings.

Impressively, SPJIMR leads the way as the highest-ranked Indian B-school, securing the 40th position worldwide.

Understand the SPJIMR advantage here.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Undergraduates and fresh graduate students, regardless of their academic discipline, exhibit an entrepreneurial spirit and are proficient in English.
  • While a strong academic record is preferred, we also value extracurricular or co-curricular involvement in areas such as innovation, entrepreneurship, hobbies, and the development of unique products and solutions through projects.

Student testimonials

The certificate course gives you the holistic view of entrepreneurship and takes you through every important aspect of it. From marketing to finance, team building to prototyping. Being in team with the people you never met or knew before for a whole project is also something which shows a different side of your personality. Moreover, the insights from the professionals at every single point makes it even better and pushes you to improve. My words might sound boring but it was the most interesting thing I learnt a lot from.

Harsh, GCPE Batch 1

New Delhi

The GCPE program at SPJIMR has proven to be immensely helpful in shaping my entrepreneurial mindset and equipping me with the skills and knowledge. The program provided a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of entrepreneurship, including ideation, business strategy, finance, marketing, and more. Each module was thoughtfully designed, ensuring a holistic learning experience that truly prepared me for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Harshey Kaur Soi, GCPE Batch 1

Mumbai, Maharashtra

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