Frequently asked questions

  • Who is the GCPE programme designed for?

    The GCPE programme is open to undergraduate students/fresh graduates/students appearing for final year exams awaiting results, belonging to all educational streams. This programme is a course to foster entrepreneurship that makes a difference among youth.

  • What are the eligibility criteria for this programme?

    Any undergraduate (from any stream)/ fresh graduate enrolled in educational institutions of repute, with an entrepreneurial streak and comfortable with the English language.

  • How is the programme being conducted?

    The programme is conducted over one month during weekends on Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings in a hybrid mode.

  • What is the course curriculum?

    The course curriculum includes the following modules:

    • What is it to be an entrepreneur?
    • Identifying opportunities
    • Move from an idea to a prototype
    • Design & prototyping for MVP ( Minimum Viable Product )
    • Go through the cornerstones of creating a successful business
    • Evaluating the business idea using the Business Model Canvas
    • Business Plan Presentation
  • Can a participant attend the GCPE programme even if he/she does not have any business ideas?

    Yes, the learning outcomes of GCPE will nurture the holistic skills of a participant with an entrepreneurial mindset. These skills will help the participant excel in all professional and academic endeavours.

  • How will this programme benefit my future career plans if I don't have an idea or come from a business background? Can I start my own business with GCPE?

    This programme will benefit your future career plans by fostering and nurturing entrepreneurial intent and a business creation mindset within you. The programme offers an opportunity for profile building and helps differentiate participants’ CV for better career prospects, which includes starting their own business, higher education or better employability.

  • How is the exposure in the GCPE programme better than other alternative undergraduate activity student programmes?

    Most of the undergraduate/fresh graduate students undertake additional certification courses to enhance their CV and upgrade their skills; however, the GCPE programme acts as an accelerated entrepreneurship programme which helps cultivate a wide range of essential skills for success in both entrepreneurial endeavours and academic & professional pursuits.

  • How is the teaching methodology of GCPE different from regular college courses?

    The teaching pedagogy for entrepreneurship education in SPJIMR is experiential learning based on concepts and frameworks relevant to the start-up ecosystem. The sessions are taken by experts from the start-up ecosystem.

    A glimpse of the exercises conducted during the sessions :

  • If the programme is conducted in hybrid model, is it mandatory to attend sessions in SPJIMR, Andheri, Mumbai?

    No, the hybrid model allows a participant to either attend sessions on the Andheri campus or from the location of their choice. Attending sessions in Mumbai in an offline format is optional.

  • What are the post-programme benefits?

    Post the programme; you will have an opportunity to build networks with like-minded individuals and the community of entrepreneurs associated with SPJIMR. You can look forward to upskilling opportunities to start your own business. You also have the opportunity to differentiate your CV for better career prospects, including higher education.

  • How will the GCPE programme help CAT aspirants?

    Key benefit participants gain from the GCPE programme is an opportunity to differentiate their CV for better career prospects which include starting their own business, higher education or better employability. GCPE helps cultivate a wide range of essential skills for success in entrepreneurial endeavours, and academic and professional pursuits.

    A Certificate of Participation from India’s premier B-school would be a value add to one’s profile.

  • How is GCPE different from Hackathon?

    A Hackathon is a social coding event that brings interested people together to build product solutions.  However, the GCPE programme seeks to act as the catalyst in the transformation of youth by creating and nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset among them. The entrepreneurship development programme offers an opportunity for profile building, upskilling, and networking and helps differentiate participants’ CVs for better career prospects, including higher education.

  • What is the similarity between GCPE & Internship for college students?

    The GCPE programme gives an opportunity to the participants to solve real-life problems through the lens of the startup journey. The participants will gain first-hand experience in thinking, talking and working like a startup founder along with fellow participants.

  • I have completed my Grade 12th exams and am looking for college admissions. Can I apply for the GCPE programme?

    It is suggested that the participant should have completed a minimum of one semester or six months in an undergraduate college to be eligible for the GCPE programme.

  • What is the difference between the Graduate Certificate Programme in Entrepreneurship ( GCPE ) and the Start Your Business (SYB ) programme?

    The GCPE programme is a course aimed at fostering entrepreneurship that makes a difference among youth (undergraduates / fresh graduates of any discipline). This programme is specifically tailored and curated to help young, aspiring student entrepreneurs to get a head start in India’s booming start-up ecosystem, while The Start Your Business (SYB) Programme is a programme directed towards aspiring entrepreneurs and early-stage start-ups and seeks to provide knowledge and skills and instil in them the right attitude, which would help them create a sustainable venture. Crafted especially for those with an entrepreneurial streak, the SYB programme is a hands-on, practical course designed to give you a head start within 4 months.

  • What if I miss the sessions due to some unavoidable circumstances?

    Session recordings would be available for a limited time, on a case-by-case basis, post internal approvals.

  • What is the programme fee and application process?

    The Programme fee is ₹ 25,000 plus GST, payable in full at the time of admission. A sum of ₹ 15,000 shall be given as scholarship to the participant upon successful completion of the programme, which requires a minimum of 80% attendance and presenting the final presentation. The programme fee can be paid via NEFT / RTGS / IMPS / UPI.

    The fee can be paid in full on admission or in instalments as below:

    • Registration Fee – ₹ 5,000 + GST (18%) (To be paid at the time of admission)
    • Balance Fee – ₹ 20,000 + GST (18%) (To be paid by November 1, 2024)

    Participants desirous of joining the programme will need to apply online by filling in an application form followed by the payment of application processing fees of ₹ 900 through net banking/debit card/credit card. Note that the application processing fee is non-refundable in any case. Along with the Application form attaching the following documents is mandatory.

    i)  A scanned copy of the document that verifies your highest academic qualification, certifying that it is a true copy of the original document and that all the information mentioned is correct.

    ii) Proof of your enrollment in college (College identity proof/fee receipt/letter from college)

    Upon receipt of your application form, the admissions team would vet the application and send the confirmation mail to the applicant.The applicant will receive an intimation regarding programme fee payment details and further procedures. Upon receipt of mail, the applicant is required to pay the Programme fee and complete the admission formalities.

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  • What is the last date for the application?

    We accept applications on a continuous basis; hence there are no last days for applying for the GCPE programme. We, however, advise you to apply at the earliest considering the limited seats available for the programme.

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  • What is the selection procedure?

    The selection is made on the basis of information provided in the application form. We may contact you for more information if required. We seek sincere and committed participants who look for upskilling opportunities to start their own businesses.

  • Can I get a refund of money in case I am not able to join the current batch?

    No deviations are permitted with regards to the admission process.

  • I still have some queries, whom to contact?

    In case of any queries, please write to

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