Aug 10, 2023

Your ultimate ticket to global business leadership success!

In today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, global education and careers have emerged as highly sought-after opportunities, presenting promising career prospects for ambitious individuals.

According to a study conducted by Coursera, a staggering 88% of employers now value relevant professional certificates, recognizing their potential to enhance candidates’ portfolios. Furthermore, a post-pandemic survey in the US and the UK revealed that approximately 80% of students benefited significantly from professional business courses.

To cater to the surging demand for professionals seeking international work experience and global exposure, SPJIMR has been offering the Global Management Programme (GMP) for over a decade. Enrolling in this distinguished programme equips you with essential skills, setting you apart in the competitive and dynamic landscape of today’s globalised business world.

Unlocking the Global Potential of GMP: Discover the Path to Cross-Cultural Excellence and International Networks!

Take a look at the future scope of GMP:

  • Cultivating Cross-Cultural Competence
    This course gives you the scope of developing awareness, knowledge, and skills to effectively engage with diverse cultures, fostering understanding, empathy, and inclusive communication for meaningful collaboration.
  • Navigating Global Supply Chains
    You will develop essential skills such as strategic planning, robust logistics, and effective coordination across borders, ensuring efficient sourcing, production, and distribution to meet customer demands in complex, interconnected marketplaces.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making in Global Contexts
    The Global Management Programme at SPJIMR provides you with skills such as data-driven decision making in global contexts. It involves leveraging comprehensive data analysis to inform strategic choices, optimise operations, identify market trends, and anticipate risks.
  • Building International Networks
    You get chances to build and expand your international network by fostering relationships and collaborations with individuals, organisations, and institutions from diverse countries and cultures. This, in turn, offers opportunities for knowledge sharing, innovation, and global partnerships.

When it comes to leveraging the benefits of a global education, the Global Management Programme at SPJIMR stands out as a transformative choice. Ranked as the 5th best business school in India (overall) and the top private B-school in the country by Business Today’s Best B-School 2023 rankings, SPJIMR has been a pioneer in delivering world-class education and empowering students with the skills needed to excel in the global business landscape.

Highlights of the Global Management Programme from SPJIMR

Here are all the benefits you can secure by enrolling in the Global Management Programme at SPJIMR:

Learn From Best of Both Worlds

GMP Participants are taught by the best faculty in India, at SPJIMR . They also have an opportunity to learn from the faculty of Partner Schools, while they are at the SPJIMR Campus. Faculty at SPJIMR and Partner schools are a mix of academia and industry, enhancing their learning experience.

  • Organisation of Networking Events
    SPJIMR frequently arranges several events such as conferences, guest lectures, industry visits and alumni interactions. It increases the exposure of students, lets them interact with professionals from various industries, and helps them establish a strong network.
  • Industry Exposure to Various Internships
    During the GMP course, participants get the opportunity to do internships, consulting projects. These will help you develop a deeper understanding of the industry and the right approach to solving problems.
  • Strong and Supportive Dual Alumni Network
    GMP alumni also become alumni of the partner school and have access to that network apart from the SPJIMR alumni network. Establishing contact with the alumni will help you get internship and job referrals as well as guidance when needed. This will open your door to exploring new opportunities in your field and provide you with cross-cultural awareness and analytical tools. You also get to build strong networks with peers from other programmes at SPJIMR like PGDM and PGPM.
  • Exposure to Niche Specialisations
    Apart from management specialisations such as marketing, Finance , Supply Chain, Strategy etc, GMP also focuses on specialisations such as Business Analytics, Data Analytics, Software Engineering and Information Technology. So, if you are looking to explore a more diverse area other than management, you might find GMP an ideal programme to begin with.

You can get all the above-mentioned opportunities by completing the Global Management Programme from SPJIMR.

Did you know?
The first MBA programme that focused on International Management was offered at the Thunderbird School of Global Management in the year 1946.

Why Choose SPJIMR’s Global Management Programme?

The SPJIMR GMP is a full-time residential programme (6 months at SPJIMR) designed to prepare you for leadership roles in international organisations. It has partnered with top institutes across Europe, the UK and the USA.

You will complete the first semester at SPJIMR and the next one or two in your preferred international university. There are experienced faculty members with extensive industry and research expertise to help you learn the fundamentals of general management.

Global Management Programme lets you enhance your portfolio so that you can secure a role in an organisation that executes its business in a global framework. You can get exposure to organised policies, superior infrastructure, and effective governance practised by global businesses.

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    FAQs on Global Management Programme (GMP)

    • For how long do I have to study in the partner B-schools for the completion of the Global Management Programme?

      The duration of the programme varies with the international institute and specialisation that you select. After completing six months at SPJIMR, it might take any time between six months to one and a half years of study from the partner B-schools.

    • What is the selection process for the GMP course at SPJIMR?

      At first, the candidates are short-listed based on their academic records, profiles, entrance scores, and work experience. Then, they will have to attend an interview at SPJIMR and then the partner schools. After this, applicants can expect their results within 15 to 20 days.

    • What are the eligibility criteria for enrolling in the GMP programme at SPJIMR?

      Candidates will have to get a minimum of 55% marks in their graduation along with a valid GRE, GMAT, CAT, XAT or NMAT score. Both freshers and experienced candidates can enrol in this course. However, international partner school eligibility may vary and English proficiency is required by some of them.

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