Masters in Fintech- MS in Finance (STEM)

Introduction to Fintech

Metamorphosis and entrepreneurship play a more critical role within the financial sector than ever before. From regional start-ups to some of the world's largest establishment, more and more establishments count on block chain and other new technologies to streamline financial and reporting systems. A Graduate of Fintech Master’s programme should feel equipped to create innovative technology solutions in application areas.  This would include online investing, crowd funding and mobile payments, using skills that cross multiple disciplines including finance, software, analytics, entrepreneurship and user-centred design.

What can I do with Masters in Fintech?

  • Use technology to develop financial solutions in ingenious ways.
  • Explain all facets of a financial technology solution clearly and concisely to stakeholders, including why a specific technology would be pertinent to a financial organization, and illustrate an awareness of the influence it might have on business.
  • Use entrepreneurial, methodical and regulatory skills to solve problems encountered by businesses and investors. They are conforming to standard what is right and good in the context of financial markets and institutions.
  • Learn and apply financial speculation to solve a variety of complications come across by businesses and investors.
  • Survey the complexities of the global economy and their impact on financial settlement.
  • Emerging financial technologies continue to impact how companies do business and how people handle digital transactions. From Alibaba to Grab to Gojek, some of the world's most renowned and successful companies have evolved and expanded their offerings by adapting the FinTech methodology. One can survey how to create and extract value for the organization via the application of vital financial automation, like blockchain and Artificial Intelligence(AI).

Who can apply for Masters in Fintech?

This application is for candidates with a background in Finance/Accounting and/or Engineering with an analytical bend of mind, individual consultants, team leaders, product owners and those responsible for driving innovation and business outcomes, whether the student is a part of a start-up or a medium or large enterprise.

Illustrative roles and industries that can benefit include:

  • Start-up Customer Experience Officers, Executive directors, presidents, principals, partners or co-founders of service providers to the banking and financial services sector
  • Strategy and financial consultants, wealth advisors, consultants, digital transformation consultants
  • Managers serving in risk/general management, operations, marketing and sales focussed individuals.
  • Technology-based industries where financial applications are critical, including information technology, e-commerce and FinTech.

What Jobs Can You Get With Masters in Fintech/Fintech OpportunitiesOpportunites ?

Graduates in Fintech (a swiftly growing field that focuses on a combination of finance, software, analytics and the user experience) — are in high order and highly valued.

The FinTech concentration is designed to prepare students for jobs that are heavily focused on data-driven financial analytics and forecasting. The world is evolving now more than ever, the industries, and the economies are interacting and trading at a massive scale, convenience and efficiency is of the essence, and Fintech is the answer. If the students are looking forward to a challenging and lucrative career domain, Fintech should be on the list!

How Do I Gain Entry To Masters in Fintech?

SPJIMR's GMP connects with some of the leading business schools globally. In collaboration with Brandeis International School of Business, it offers Master of Finance -FinTech, that is an 18 months programme and can be applied by freshers or candidates with work experience.

Become a pioneer in the FinTech space with the FinTech Master's degree.

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