SPJIMR to be a knowledge partner to Government of India’s Capacity Building Commission

September 22, 2022

SP Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) has been on boarded as a knowledge partner with the Capacity Building Commission (CBC) in aiding Mission Karmayogi, the National Programme for Civil Services Capacity Building. The partnership would include several short-and long-term programmes based on learning resources creation curriculum design and delivery, and programme impact assessments

Government of India’s Capacity Building Commission, is mandated to transform the Indian civil services learning ecosystem with the objective of enabling a smart, accountable, citizen-centric and effective public service.

The programmes under this partnership will be designed to help participants to build leadership qualities and competencies and learn the latest analytical skills and stay abreast with cutting-edge management practices to face challenges in the VUCA world.

With its ‘solutions design’ approach SPJIMR Executive Education is a preferred learning partner for several large conglomerates, public sector and not-for-profit organizations and offers a plethora of programmes to executives at various levels and stages in their careers.

Speaking on the partnership, Dr Balasubramanium, Member-HR said, “Capacity Building Commission aims to further the national goal of citizen centricity and inclusive growth by transforming the landscape of civil services in India. CBC strives to inculcate a culture of learning and building competencies to make the civil service a catalyst for growth. We are confident that the partnership with SP Jain Institute of Management and Research will usher in new insights to achieve the grand vision of Mission Karmayogi”

Lauding the collaboration, Dr Preeta George, Associate Dean, Professional and Executive Programmes, SPJIMR, said, “We are delighted to be part of this great initiative of the Government of India. Executive Education at SPJIMR focusses on capability and competency enhancement of professionals and executives of government, corporates and non-government organisations geared towards change and growth. As a knowledge partner of the prestigious Capacity Building Commission, we feel privileged and eagerly look forward to contributing towards the transformational learning journey of civil service professionals who are striving to build a better future for our country”.

About SPJIMR: S P Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR) (http://www.spjimr.org ) is a constituent of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and is ranked among the top ten business schools in India. With a mission to ‘influence practice and promote value-based growth’ through pioneering programmes and pedagogical innovations, SPJIMR stands out for its unique and distinctive approach to management education.

Capacity Building Commission (CBC): Capacity Building Commission (CBC) was constituted on 1 April 2021, by the Government of India and is committed to transforming Indian civil services learning ecosystem with the objective to enable a smart, accountable, citizen-centric and effective public service. The CBC has been mandated to drive standardisation and harmonisation across the Indian civil services landscape. Capacity Building Commission determines the roll out strategy of National Programme for Civil Services Capacity Building (NPCSCB) – Mission Karmayogi. As the custodian of civil services capacity building reforms, the Commission’s role is central to the overall institutional framework of Mission Karmayogi. The core purpose of the Commission is to build credibility and shape a uniform approach to capacity building on a collaborative and co-sharing basis.

For More Information, Please Contact: mediarelations@spjimr.org

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