SPJIMR-authored case features in Ivey Publishing’s World List of Top 25 cases for 2014-2024

July 4, 2024

A case study authored by SPJIMR faculty was honoured with the Ivey Classics Award 2014-2024. The Classic Cases for 2014-2024 feature the 25 most widely used cases from the Ivey Collection that have made a significant impact over the past decade.

The Classics cover a diverse range of topics such as supply chain management, corporate social responsibility, international expansion, ethical dilemmas, strategic innovation, leadership, and marketing strategies. They exemplify the quality of exceptional case studies that consistently support educators in achieving their teaching objectives. Their sustained success over the past decade and beyond demonstrates the profound impact well-crafted case studies can have in the classroom.

Building a Backdoor to the iPhone: An Ethical Dilemma, a case study by Prof. Tulsi Jayakumar, Professor, Finance and Economics, and Executive Director, Centre for Family Business & Entrepreneurship, and Prof. Surya Tahora, Professor, General Management, and Executive Director, Centre for Wisdom in Leadership, is ranked 10 on the list.

The case study explores the ethical dilemma that arose in February 2016 when Apple CEO Tim Cook challenged a U.S. Federal Court order to assist the FBI in accessing encrypted data on an iPhone linked to a suspected terrorism case. Cook’s refusal ignited a public debate between national security and digital privacy, highlighting the complexities of right-versus-wrong compared to right-versus-right decisions. Students learn to distinguish between different executive management decisions, recognise moral dilemmas, and understand frameworks for developing practical solutions to these dilemmas.

Regarding the recognition, Profs. Jayakumar and Tahora said, “We are truly honoured and humbled to see the impact that our case has had on facilitators and participants across the world, for the last decade. It inspires us to work harder on research that is relevant, impactful, and aligned to SPJIMR’s mission. We believe in the power of cases as a means of empowering participants to delve into complex business problems, putting themselves into the shoes of diverse protagonists, and understanding their own assumptions, biases and even values, as with our case study. At the end of the day, case studies do remain one of the most powerful tools to link esoteric business concepts to real world situations, and we would invite facilitators from across the globe to experience the magic of taking self-authored cases to the classroom.”

Congratulating the winners, Dean Varun Nagaraj said, “I am incredibly proud of our faculty for their achievement. The award highlights SPJIMR’s leadership and expertise in case writing within the Indian B-school ecosystem. This case study in particular exemplifies SPJIMRs commitment to promoting the practice of responsible management and innovation.”

SPJIMR faculty produce high-quality research and case studies that enrich student learning and significantly impact the academic and professional community. Their ability to tackle complex, real-world challenges through these case studies underscores the institute’s commitment to practical knowledge and innovative thinking in management education.


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