Making GenAI your teaching ally

November 7, 2023

Today in the pursuit of knowledge, GenAI offers invaluable answers when the right questions are posed. Educators will now need to leverage GenAI to revolutionise teaching and learning methods and make them more relevant and interesting for students.

The second session of ‘Teaching and Learning Conversations’ organised by Teaching and Learning Academy (TLA) at SPJIMR focussed on ‘Making GenAI your teaching ally’. SPJIMR faculty members, Prof. Amit Jain, Prof. Bindu Kulkarni and Prof. Debmallya Chatterjee shared the exciting and interesting GenAI applications in course design, delivery, and evaluation.

The session was designed to initiate insightful discussions about the applications of AI in higher education, ensuring that students engage in critical thinking and reflection, and explore how GenAI can be utilised as an ally to complement teaching and learning capabilities rather than as a replacement or a threat.

A participant-centric approach is at the core of the SPJIMR Teaching Philosophy. With a vision to enhance teaching excellence for our internal faculty members as well as the academic community at large, the Teaching and Learning Academy (TLA) at SPJIMR led by Prof. Tanvi Mankodi conducts numerous faculty development programmes and teaching effectiveness.

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