Sep 29, 2023

PGDM online nurtures business leaders of tomorrow

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  • PGDM Online
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In this rapidly evolving era, technology remains a driving force, yet business advancement hinges on the interplay of three key domains: the workforce, the workplace, and technology itself. While the exact trajectory remains uncertain, the undeniable truth is that a new commercial landscape is emerging, presenting both opportunities and challenges for businesses to seize or risk falling short in the upcoming era of commerce. As visionary leaders set their sights on the next decade to be future-ready, they ponder how business will transform.

Now, what is future readiness? You would ask…
Future readiness is a strategic approach that prepares business leaders for upcoming challenges and opportunities through innovation. This encompasses predicting market shifts, fostering novel products and services, and embracing new technologies.

Successful implementation of these changes requires a well-defined change management strategy. Gartner’s research highlights that approximately 50% of change initiatives falter due to the lack of or inadequate execution of such a strategy.

Business leaders who dedicate time and effort to prepare for future disruptions by implementing changes effectively are better positioned to outshine competitors, fortify their market presence, amplify profits, and establish resilience against future uncertainties.

Business leaders are clearly the backbone of a business!
Where do they receive such in-depth training from, to be prepared to lead and ace future businesses?
Exploring The Benefits Of


Nurturing business leaders of tomorrow.

SPJIMR – the top B-school in India has introduced a two-year Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) Online programme, in collaboration with Coursera, designed to provide high-quality management education to individuals worldwide. This AICTE-approved programme is tailored for professionals aiming to enhance their careers with top-tier management education.

The PGDM Online offers busy professionals the flexibility to pursue their career goals while maintaining their current jobs and location. Its adaptable structure allows participants to study at their own pace while meeting programme timelines. The industry-aligned curriculum enables real-time application of knowledge to participants’ current roles. Successful completion of the programme leads to the award of the “Post Graduate Diploma in Management Online (PGDM Online)” set by SPJIMR’s Academic Council.

Highlights of PGDM Online by SPJIMR

SPJIMR is one of India’s top five business schools and holds a pioneering school rating among the top four management schools across 21 countries.

World-class Faculty
Our faculty comprises accomplished academicians and experienced industry practitioners, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.

Immersive Learning
SPJIMR’s Mumbai campus offers immersive modules to integrate theoretical knowledge with practical applications.

Alumni Network
Join a network of over 15,000 global alumni, providing lifelong learning and professional connections.

Networking Opportunities
Besides connecting with accomplished alumni and a diverse peer group, SPJIMR offers access to a robust industry network spanning various sectors, facilitating the establishment of invaluable professional relationships.

State-of-the-art Infrastructure
SPJIMR provides state-of-the-art facilities, including round-the-clock remote access to its extensive library resources, guaranteeing an exceptional online learning experience.

Career Guidance
SPJIMR’s dedicated career services team provides a wide array of personalised career development interventions, aiding you in realising your career aspirations and achieving excellence in your chosen domain.

Future Ready Skills
Harness valuable industry insights shared by business leaders and leverage SPJIMR’s inventory of practitioner-oriented research to bridge gaps in your professional practice. Effectively address real-world business challenges in your workplace through this comprehensive approach.

Recognised as a top business school by Financial Times Global Rankings,, and the Positive Impact Rating.

Live Interactive Sessions
Embark on the PGDM Online journey with a comprehensive curriculum of 80 credits, equivalent to 2400 hours of engagement. Delivered primarily in synchronous mode, the programme features live interactive sessions led by SPJIMR’s esteemed faculty..

Innovative Pedagogy
Enrich your learning journey with our online postgraduate programme, providing direct access to industry insights through interactive sessions and live classes led by SPJIMR’s distinguished faculty, renowned as thought leaders in their domains. Participants can tailor their experience by selecting from three ‘micro-specialisations’ aligned with their professional aspirations.

The programme duration is of two years (in case a learner needs to take a break, the programme provides them the flexibility to join the next cohort, hence the website mentions 36 months) with self-paced studies, evening, and weekend classes.

Industry Connect
Network with SPJIMR’s extensive industry network and access a mentorship programme for real-world applications.

Industry Connect

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    Student Testimonials

    Here’s what the PGDM Online students say about the PG Lab experience at SPJIMR, where excellence meets flexibility!

    “I got to learn a lot about myself and what are the points that I should focus on to improve myself. The Johari window, Firo-B, EC Assessment and all the simulations, activities and games we had were awesome and helped me discover myself and could find new friends as well.”

    Vanapalli Navya Geethika

    “One thing that came as a surprise to me was the MBTI personality test. I am an ESTJ personality type and it resonates with my daily lifestyle and decision making. I did some google research and the facts about ESTJ felt so real. It’s like someone knows me inside out. I was also able to find out the right kind of job profiles for myself and was relieved to know that being a manager is definitely in sync with my personality type.”

    Manan Pandey

    “Found out some key things about myself, like how I need to be more accepting of feedback and reflect more often”

    Pragun Sood

    “The Padlet Exercise during the PG Lab was something that gave me a different perspective about myself and the way I see my future. It made me introspect.”

    Paras Grover

    “The lab was not just a get away from the busy MBA schedule, it also enabled me to talk to people whom I never knew. Along the way, the PGLAB made me realize that I need to work a lot upon myself. It made me realize that the world is much better than I thought about it.”

    Yash Kedia

    “…dance sessions at the end of PGLAB helped me to overcome my fear of dancing. This may sound minimal in this context but the impact it had on my mind was phenomenal. It broke all the shackles of shyness and what not. Also met a new bunch of awesome people. Not only met but connected with them.”

    Abhishek Sharma

    “When we started the MBA online, I was very nervous and sceptical about making good connections and building lifetime friendships here. I couldn’t have meaningful conversations over WhatsApp. PG Lab came as a saviour. I already feel so comfortable and confident with my batchmates. I could know people beyond this small screen and also let people know more deeply about me.”

    Ayushi Ketan Jatania

    “I had many takeaways from the sessions conducted, including how to work as a team, importance of self introspection, how to communicate better, etc. I feel this experience helped me bond better with my batchmates through a fun and engaging experience.”

    Ahana Sarkar

    “I got to meet so many new people, whom I never got the chance to interact with given this virtual mode. While on day 1, we all were a little awkward with each other, by end of day 4 we had an active whatsapp group, where we were chit chatting and pulling each other’s leg. “

    Pratishtha Rustagi

    “… we now understand why we are behaving a certain way, why our friend is reacting that way. It has taught us to be more empathetic and responsible when it comes to expressing ourselves not just as individuals but also as future professionals. Thank you to the entire team for putting it up for us. From VUCA to Padlets, Johari window and lemonades so many life lessons were taught. It was truly a life changing experience.”

    Shakshi Sodhani
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