The Pursuit of Wise Leadership

Insights from the Geeta and Mahabharat

SPJIMR’s Centre for Wisdom in Leadership(CWIL) offers ‘The Pursuit of Wise Leadership’, a 2-day intensive workshop for mid-level managers which integrates insights from Indian wisdom traditions with Western concepts and evolving leadership needs. The workshop can serve as a broad template for future leaders to act more consciously and engage fully as they face challenges with more equanimity, flexibility and freedom in this deeply interconnected and dynamic world. Through this reflective and experiential workshop, participants will gain insights and learn practices for their growth as wise leaders of tomorrow.

Key Benefits

This workshop brings alive the select aspects of the wisdom from the Geeta and the Mahabharata to today’s context of life and leadership skills, thereby making them more potent and meaningful.

During these two days, participants will deep dive to:

  • Widen their current understanding of interconnectedness and interdependence to expand their vision of leadership
  • Recognise the relationship between action and result and review their role as an active participant and contributor
  • Realise the inevitability of uncertainty and periods of transitions and explore ways to judiciously balance intervening and letting go
  • Identify the dimensions of wisdom which have stood the test of time and apply them to difficult situations at work
  • Refine their personal leadership mantra/attributes and design corresponding practices to make it a reality

Who Should Attend

Mid-level managers who aspire to advance the quality of their contribution to their organisation and society at large by moving from merely “being smart to wise” leaders who think, reflect and act more consciously, responsibly, and with a critical understanding of interconnectedness.

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