PRME India Chapter

Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) is above all a learning community of business schools committed to weaving six core principles into business and management education.

The brainchild of then-UN General Secretary, Ban ki Moon, UN PRME, was developed in 2007 by an international task force of sixty deans, university presidents, and official representatives of leading business schools and academic institutions. The development of a principle-based global engagement platform for academic institutions follows a recommendation by academic stakeholders of the UN Global Compact.

The idea was officially introduced by the UN Global Compact at the Global Forum “Business as an Agent of World Benefit” at Case Western Reserve University in October 2006. Under the coordination of the UN Global Compact and leading academic institutions, the PRME task force developed a set of principles that lays the foundation for the global platform for responsible management.

Dr. Chandrika Parmar currently chairs the PRME India Chapter.

Asia forum

SPJIMR hosted the 8th PRME Asia forum with the theme: Sustainable Futures: Towards Responsible Management Education.

The conference brought together management and leadership from universities, management schools, corporates, and civil societies across Asia. The conference centered around four major themes: a) Knowledge, Values and The Future: Search for a New Imagination; b) Well-Being, Ecology, and Responsibilities: Towards Sustainable Practices, c) Inclusive Economies: Democratizing Growth and d) Corporate Social Responsibility: Challenges, Opportunities, and Strategies for 21st Century Leaders. The conference was attended by over 150 delegates from Australia, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Kazakhstan.

There were 15 tracks under the four themes covering topics such as innovation in pedagogy and curriculum, sustainable cities, social entrepreneurship, engaging with SDGs, extreme events and disasters, and re-thinking CSR to name a few. The conference received around 80 abstracts under these tracks. Some of the notable plenary speakers included Magsaysay award winners like Aruna Roy and T.M.Krishna; well-known public intellectuals like Ashis Nandy and Shiv Visvanathan; Industry leaders in sustainability like Anirban Ghosh, The co-creator of the happiness Index of Burma, Saamdu Chetri,

PRME India chapter Dec 4, 2020

PRME India Chapter Meet was held on 4th December 2020. The meet saw participation from over 33 management institutions from across India. Dr. Mette Morsing, Head, PRME; Dr. Ranjan Banerjee, Dean, SPJIMR; Dr. Chandrika Parmar, faculty SPJIMR, and current Chair, PRME India Chapter; Ms. Shabnam Siddiqui, Officiating Executive Director, UN Global Compact Network India.

The meeting aimed to bring together PRME signatories and non-signatories to initiate a dialogue about responsible management education and share best practices of institutes and discuss collaborations to educate and develop responsible future managers.

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