Young managers should learn about the difference between a papaya and a banyan tree

Mr. Amit Jain, Managing Director of L’Oreal in conversation with Dr. Tulsi Jayakumar, Professor of Economics and Chairperson of Family Managed Business at SPJIMR, reflects on a leadership journey that has seen him helm companies across industries – paint and chemicals, soft drinks, media, cosmetics – and made him a truly fungible leader.

Growing up in various Air Force bases across the length and breadth of India has instilled in him certain qualities essential to successful business leaders – adaptability, appreciation of diversity and cultural sensitivity. In this enthralling conversation, they discuss why in critical markets like India, ‘differentiate or die’ holds true, why Indian leaders are always resilient, how every individual and corporate can play a part in the battle against climate change, and how beauty is diverse, eternal and is a sentiment. They end the conversation with Mr. Jain talking about what budding managers can learn from the movie ‘3 Idiots’ and why it is important for them to learn the difference between a papaya and a banyan tree.

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