Sapience Episode 8: Is Arthashastra Relevant in Modern Times?

Prof. Surya Tahora is in conversation with renowned Leadership Advisor Rajesh Kamath. Mr. Kamath is a Keynote Speaker, Storyteller, Consultant, Facilitator, Columnist, Teacher, Coach and Lifelong learner. In this episode, he discusses elevating leadership and transforming organisations by adapting timeless principles from Indian wisdom, with a focus on the ancient Indian text Arthashastra.

The discussion touches on its historical context, authorship, and relevance to modern leadership. The conversation also explores specific tools and frameworks from the Arthashastra that can be applied in organisational contexts. Join us in the latest episode of Sapience to gain insights about implications and wisdom related to leadership. The series is presented by SPJIMR Centre for Wisdom in Leadership (CWIL).

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