Driving Value-Based Growth, the SPJIMR way

SPJIMR Dean Dr. Varun Nagaraj is in conversation with Mr. Sunil Lulla, media industry veteran and SPJIMR alum, class of 1984.

Dr. Nagaraj shares how he interprets SPJIMR’s mission to ‘Influence Practice and Promote Value-based Growth’ to different stakeholders and discusses how SPJIMR alumni can lead such growth. Mr. Lulla and Dr. Nagaraj discuss the unique role of Centers of Excellence in creating and disseminating thought leadership at scale to shape ideas, behaviours, and actions that can benefit the country on the whole.

They talk about the future of management education in India in the post-pandemic world, why education is a lifelong process, how the process of learning is vastly different from that of yesteryears, and the continued importance of an MBA even for start-ups in India. After discussing how industry practitioners could collaborate with academics, Dr. Nagaraj and Mr. Lulla wrap up by discussing the possibility of a Bollywood movie made on the SPJIMR campus!

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