Don’t wait for the storm to blow away, instead learn to dance in the rain

Mr Deepak Iyer, President of Mondelez India talks to SPJIMR Professor Dr Ashita Aggarwal about why it is important for leaders to plan well in advance of a crisis, enable an innovative and growth mindset in organizations, remain invested in brands and employees during crises and how to take advantage of a Black Swan event such as a pandemic to retool the organization.

They talk about the myth of large companies not being agile, the ‘Snacking Made Right’ principle of Mondelez, the value of comfort food in times of strife, the ‘Cadbury tree’, the three megatrends that we are likely to see during the new normal and the steps the company is taking towards sustainability. They round off the conversation by talking about the power of dreaming big and his fond memories and learnings from his days as a student at SPJIMR that helped shape his career.

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