SPJIMR offers aspiring entrepreneurs the Graduate Certificate Programme in Entrepreneurship (GCPE)

November 1, 2023

Bhavan’s S P Jain Institute of Management & Research (SPJIMR) is thrilled to announce its latest initiative, the Graduate Certificate Programme in Entrepreneurship (GCPE). This programme, offered by SPJIMR’s Centre for Family Business & Entrepreneurship (CFBE), is designed to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit among young graduates and undergraduates.

GCPE: Your Path to Entrepreneurial Success

SPJIMR’s Graduate Certificate Programme in Entrepreneurship (GCPE) is a unique experiential initiative with the goal of fostering entrepreneurship among young individuals, including graduates and recent graduates from various disciplines. GCPE focuses on nurturing a diverse skill set essential for success in entrepreneurial, academic, and professional pursuits. The programme aligns with SPJIMR’s mission to influence practices by instilling entrepreneurial mindsets among India’s youth and nurturing a thriving entrepreneurial community.

GCPE serves as the ideal platform for recent graduates and current undergraduate students who harbour a deep passion for entrepreneurship. This programme is meticulously tailored to help you unlock your entrepreneurial potential and develop the essential skills needed to excel in the business world.

This programme is crafted to empower young minds to kickstart their entrepreneurial dreams. It equips participants with the skills and knowledge necessary for success, covering modules on business planning, finance, marketing, and more.

Additionally, the programme features a mentorship component, offering participants a significant advantage. They have the opportunity to enhance their CVs, improving their career prospects, whether they plan to start their own business, pursue higher education, or enhance their employability.

Key Highlights of GCPE:

  • Experienced Faculty: Learn from seasoned experts with practical experience in entrepreneurship.
  • Hands-On Curriculum: The program’s curriculum is meticulously crafted to nurture an entrepreneurial mindset and equip you with a business-oriented approach.
  • Weekend Convenience: No need to compromise your ongoing studies. GCPE is conducted during weekends, allowing you to maintain a balanced schedule.
  • Addressing Real Challenges: In just one month, you’ll develop your “Most Terrific Business Idea” with the guidance required for the final presentation.
  • Flexible Learning: Choose between on-campus or online classes to match your preferences.
  • Continuous Mentorship: Even after the programme concludes, you can benefit from ongoing mentorship provided by SPJIMR faculty.
  • Networking Opportunities: Build meaningful connections with like-minded individuals and engage with the SPJIMR community of entrepreneurs.
  • Financial Support: Successful participants may be eligible for a partial fee refund upon completing the programme.

Prof. Tulsi Jayakumar, Executive Director, Centre for Family Business & Entrepreneurship, SPJIMR, said, “Entrepreneurship is more than a career option in today’s ever-changing world; it’s an attitude that can impact industries and communities. GCPE is meant to offer emerging entrepreneurs with the knowledge and support they need to transform their ideas into reality. We are delighted to welcome the next generation of problem solvers and innovators.”

Join the Entrepreneurial Journey with GCPE

If you are passionate about the startup ecosystem and aspire to contribute to corporate innovation, the GCPE is the perfect avenue for you. Join us and embark on your entrepreneurial journey with confidence.

For more information about GCPE and to secure your spot, visit the GCPE Programme Page

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