Vishwas celebrates World Mental Health Day 2023

October 10-11, 2023

Vishwas was launched in 2015 at SPJIMR, by Prof. Lata Dhir as a space dedicated to the mental well-being of our students. Vishwas aims to create and nurture a psychological safe space, where people are comfortable being themselves and every individual is accepted and respected for who they are. Every year, Vishwas celebrates World Mental Health Day in unique ways. This year, on the occasion of World Mental Health Day, Vishwas and Mental Well Being Committee led by Prof. Dhir organised a series of events to spread mental health awareness on campus.

On October 10, we started the day with the distribution of over 1000 personalised gratitude notes, fostering positivity among students, faculty, and staff. Dr. Anita Sukhwani and her team from the Mann Healthy Mind Centre conducted workshops to spread awareness about mental health and provided essential mental health first-aid training. Additionally, our Dean, Prof. Varun Nagaraj, shared his insights. The day concluded with music performances by B-Major and engaging plays, spreading cheer.

On October 11, the HR Department, in collaboration with Vishwas and the Mental Well-Being Committee coordinated by Ms. Madhura Gondhalekar and Ms. Janette Mukherjee, organised a workshop on mental health. Prof. Dhir emphasised the importance of prioritising emotional and psychological well-being. The session, facilitated by Ms. Priyanka Jhaveri and Ms. Kejal Sajani from the Mann Healthy Mind Centre, delved into understanding mental health, debunking myths, recognising signs of stress and identifying coping mechanisms.

This interactive workshop set the stage for meaningful conversations within our SPJIMR community. At SPJIMR, we remain dedicated to mental health awareness and well-being.

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