Unlocking victory: A masterclass for B-school competitions

October 7, 2023

SPJIMR Business School Competitions and International Exchange ADMAP Committee hosted its inaugural event “Unlocking Victory: A Masterclass for B-school Competitions”. The session witnessed an enthusiastic turnout from our participants. The event’s central focus was directed towards the esteemed St. Gallen’s Global Essay Competition, organised by the St. Gallen Symposium in Switzerland.

Last year, SPJIMR student team comprising Jignesh Gavale (PGPM) and PGDM participants Ansh Malik, Prajwal Kalame, Bhargavi Agrawal, Harsh Mehta, and Pratiksha Panda were among the top 100 shortlisted from over 700+ submissions worldwide for their essays to attend the 52nd St. Gallen’s symposium in Switzerland. Read more.

These exemplars lead the inaugural session and shared valuable insights about their winning strategies and key learnings with our participants inspiring them to chart their own success roadmap. The event also featured discussions on strategies, tips, and tricks to master various B-school competitions, ensuring that our participants stay ahead of the curve in this highly competitive field. The event resonated SPJIMR endeavours to offer its participants a supportive network of peers as well as alumni for life which is uniquely vested in their growth and success.

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