UK Alumni Council in conversation with Suresh Viswanathan

May 11, 2023

The UK Alumni Council of SPJIMR hosted an engaging fireside chat with Suresh Viswanathan, COO of Nationwide Building Society and an esteemed alumnus from the SPJIMR Class of 1989, in London.

The host, Priyanka Sharma, skillfully led the conversation, delving into Suresh’s remarkable career journey and his experiences living in the UK. The audience, consisting of SPJIMR alumni members in the UK, actively participated by posing intriguing questions, enriching the dialogue, and creating a vibrant atmosphere.

Suresh Viswanathan captivated everyone with his insightful responses and shared interesting anecdotes from his personal and professional journey, leaving the audience inspired and motivated. Summarising some of the key takeaways that emerged from the conversations:

  • Seize those half chances you get and give your all to it.
  • Resilience builds reputation for delivering results
  • Embracing your authentic self is crucial, and the sooner you do so, the better. If your current context doesn’t allow for it, strive to influence the environment, and focus on what you can control.
  • Effective leaders lead with both heart and mind. Prioritise the happiness and success of the team/people you care about, even if it means accepting losses for the greater good,
  • Purpose and impact go beyond short-term financial gains.
  • Work-life balance is a personal journey. Prioritise what works for you and fully embrace each moment.

The evening concluded with Deepak Koul presenting a memento of appreciation to Suresh on behalf of the UK Alumni Council for his gracious presence. The UK Alumni Council members Nehal Medh, Priyanka Sharma, Deepak Koul, Ankit Periwal, and Kunal Gulati were instrumental in organising this exceptional event.

The fireside chat was an evening filled with valuable learning and insights. It was a remarkable opportunity to interact and reconnect with the alumni community in the UK. The UK Alumni Council, encouraged by the success of the event, said, “Stay tuned for more upcoming events and opportunities to connect with fellow alumni. We are committed to fostering a strong network and providing valuable experiences for our SPJIMR alumni in the UK.”

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