The 6th Dr. M. L. Shrikant Memorial Lecture

January 24, 2022

The 6th Dr. M. L. Shrikant Memorial Lecture was held virtually on Jan 24, 2021. Dr. Madhav Chavan, co-founder of Pratham Education Foundation, was the distinguished speaker for the session and spoke on the topic ‘What should a new education system be like?’. Prof. Malay Krishna shared a few words on Dr. Shrikant and recalled the curiosity which fuelled his zest for innovation and experimentation.

Dr. Chavan in his address spoke about the challenges in the quality and standard of education in India in government and private schools. He stressed on the need to make education barrier-free and to get rid of education monopoly in the form of degrees. He also answered questions from the audience about the way forward for the education system.

You can watch the entire lecture here.

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