Teaching and Learning Conversations

October 28, 2023

The Teaching and Learning Academy (TLA) at SPJIMR has initiated a series on Teaching and Learning Conversations (TLC) to discuss pedagogical innovations with our faculty peers. Prof Amit Jain conducted the first session in TLC on the theme Playing Cards, Teaching Life: An Experiential Journey. He demonstrated an exercise using playing cards to explain elements of organisational culture that can make learning more fun and engaging. The session witnessed active participation from SPJIMR community including faculty members, FPM scholars, research associates and teaching assistants.

Mohini Arora, Teaching Assistant in the area of Organisation & Leadership Studies at SPJIMR said, “The session has not only broadened my horizons but also equipped me with essential skills for navigating the complexities of the corporate world and different work culture environments.” She articulated the key lessons she gained from this valuable experience as follows:

One of the most compelling insights was the art of team building. We learned that the bedrock of a persuasive team lies in a shared culture and unwavering belief in the potential for success.

Stepping out of our comfort zones often leads to encounters with diverse cultural and ethical landscapes. It’s a journey that exposes us to differences that can be enlightening and challenging in equal measure. Survival and thriving in these settings require a profound grasp of the company’s unique ethos, and the proficiency to seamlessly adapt to it.

One of the most profound lessons was that the corporate world demands individuals who can adapt to the prevailing culture, particularly in challenging situations. It’s a test of resilience and innovation, where proactive change agents recognise the importance of blending in, even when they aspire to bring about significant transformation.

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