SPJIMR welcomes its new Student Council

March 3, 2023

SPJIMR takes pride in announcing the formation of its first Student Council!

Taking another step in the right direction to promote and put forth the views of the students, our new council members will lead and represent the student community at SPJIMR. They will uphold the values and traditions of SPJIMR and work towards enhancing the overall student experience and Life@SPJIMR.

The Council will be co-led by Presidents who will be in charge of the overall functioning of the council. The Treasurers will manage the finances and budgeting. The Cultural Secretaries will be responsible for the celebrations of various festivals and events on campus. As the name suggests, the General Secretaries of Sports and Fitness will be responsible for inventories, sports tournaments as well as general mental well-being. The General Secretaries of Health & Infra will cover aspects related to general aspects of the well-being of the students as well as infrastructure such as the hostel, mess etc. Finally, the General Secretaries, Professional Development will be responsible for the clubs related to the professional development of the students, like consulting club, analytics club, product management club etc.

Dean Varun Nagaraj, Associate Dean Renuka Kamath, Prof. Lata Dhir and Prof. Debmalya Chatterjee from the Student Affairs body were instrumental in this initiative. SPJIMR commends the Constitution Committee consisting of Kartik Agrawal and Karan Sharma from PGDM; Aditya Ganjoo and Ashu Sharma from PGPM; and Nandini Pain and Neha Agarwal from PGMPW for their contribution to the creation of the Student Council Constitution and guidelines, which will serve as the guiding light and lay down the rules and responsibilities of the student council. SPJIMR also appreciates the work of participants Karishma Puri and Harsh Mehta, who helped shape the final draft of the guidelines, and the Election Commission members: Puja Mundra, Kevil Shah, Riya Srivastava and Bhavya Chhabra from PGDM, and Himanshu Dhiman from PGPM, who facilitated the smooth conduction of the elections.

SPJIMR extends a warm welcome to the new Student Council and wishes them all the best for their term ahead!

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