SPJIMR Completes It’s First-Ever Virtual Personal Growth Lab for PGDM 2022 Participants

September 16, 2020

SPJIMR completed 3.5 days of a virtual Personal Growth Lab (PG Lab) for its 239 PGDM participants, the first of its kind to be held over an online platform.

Through the curation of dynamic huddles of small to medium to large groups online, PG Lab was successful in meeting its objectives of creating the qualities of self-awareness (Me into Me), appreciating individual differences (Me and You) and Building Teams (Me to We) amongst the participants.

Experimenting with learning interventions, combining psychology and technology, the virtual PG Lab is a story of courage and heart. It was successful in its social experiment of building bonds and recreating the off-site experiential learning onto the online mode due to the efforts of SPJIMR’s P&P team, led by Professor Dr. Lata Dhir and enabled by Professors, Dr. Snehal Shah, Dr. Keith D’souza, Dr. Mihir Ajgaonkar and Dr. Sumita Datta.

The grand finale of the PG Lab is on 26th September, 2020.

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