Roundtable Mixer Event

March 7, 2024

SBSRH organised the Roundtable Mixer an exclusive networking event which gathered 70-80 influential thought leaders, comprising FinNovate mentors, investors, industry experts and business leaders from across the finance sector. The networking session featured thought-provoking and engaging panel discussions on relevant topics in FinTech, offering an invaluable opportunity to exchange insights and ideas. These dialogues provided a platform for exploring innovative solutions to challenges encountered within the BFSI sector. These engaging discussions generated valuable insights across various thematic areas, deepening our understanding of industry dynamics and promoting collaborative problem-solving. The discussions provided insights on various themes, including:

  • eKYC & AI-enabled Identity Spoofing
  • Open banking increases, but the concerns remain the same
  • The Era of Finfluencers – Shaping Financial Markets and Consumer Behaviour
  • Climate Fintech
  • Ethics and Governance of Startups
  • Financial Inclusion and Reaching Underserved Populations
  • Navigating the Hyper-Personalized Future: Neobanks and Strategic Partnerships in India
  • Is Agriculture the Next Frontier for Fintech in India?
  • Expanding Canvas of Fintech
  • MSME Lending: Financing the Growth
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