Regional Immersion at the city of enterprise in Coimbatore

January 15, 2023

PGPFMB Batch 31 travelled to the popular as the city of enterprise, Kovai in Coimbatore, for their regional immersion. Our partner institute Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts & Science provided the required infrastructural support. The engaging immersion started with industrial visits to local business firms including Pricol, Aquahub, Elgi Equipments, and Roots Industries amongst others. This offered participants to explore the vision of these businesses, their products, their seamless operating process and their frameworks to stay true to their core values and principles as their businesses expand and grow exponentially.

Next day the participants had an enriching evening interacting with Mr. K. Ilango, Managing Director, RSM Autokast, Mr. Prashant Subramanian, Co-Founder & Director, India Private Limited, and Mr. R Varadarajan, Executive Director, Rajshree Sugars & Chemicals Ltd. The key learnings included understanding the fascinating cluster based associations in Coimbatore and the dynamics of the close-knit business community that supports each other and is deeply rooted in their value system. Most insightful learning was the businesses dedication to fulfil their social responsibilities with immense righteousness.

Day 3 of the visit witnessed an eventful fireside chat with Ms. Vanitha Mohan, Chairman, Pricol, and Mr. Soundararajan Bangarusamy, Chairman, Suguna Group. They were joined by our special invitee Mr. Iakoka Subramanian, Sagotheran. The session was moderated by PGPFMB Chairperson, Prof. Tulsi Jayakumar. The structured chat focused on the local family businesses. The business leaders shared their valuable insights on how vital it is to walk the talk, treat employees as your family, and the importance of cultivating a culture of inclusion i.e. allowing participation even from people at the grassroots level. The engaging discussion highlighted the power of simplicity, discipline, inclusivity, and passion one needs to have in their work.

Regional Immersion is conducted in Phase II, the advanced phase of the PGPFMB programme. It offers PGPFMB participant an opportunity to explore emerging markets in tier two /tier three city of India. Because of their more affordable living and operating costs, expanding infrastructure, and encouraging government policies, these emerging markets are attracting more and more attention from investors. Regional immersion contributes to being a vital component of the PGPFMB programme. The immersion brings an unparalleled exposure for a participant to understand the underlying benefit these cities/ region brings to the table for a family managed business. The prospect of higher return, understanding the business opportunities lying in that region, networking with peers and alumni, are some of the key takeaways which a participant brings back.

SPJIMR’s Post Graduate Programme in Family Managed Business (PGPFMB) is designed to groom new entrants to family businesses to enable organic growth for self and their family businesses. It helps preserve and nurture the legacy of the earlier generations and leave one’s indelible mark on the family business for years to come. Conceived and launched in 1997, the programme is the pioneer in post-graduate family-managed business programmes in India. It has grown in strength, with 37 batches already having gone through the programme.

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