International Immersion @INSEAD

January 27, 2024

Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM) Class of 2023 concluded the International Immersion component of the programme at INSEAD Business School, Paris, France and at INSEAD Campus Fontainebleau, France. It included academic sessions with distinguished faculty, a series of lectures by industry experts, a live capstone project, and curated cultural explorations.

The classroom sessions covered various topics such as Managing Leadership Transition, Digital Transformation, Social capital, Leadership, and Strategy. The lecture series offered our participants the opportunity to engage with industry experts from established businesses like Line Data and Orange and start-ups such as Future 4 Care and Juisci, amongst others. The last two days of the programme were dedicated to the intense live project called ‘Strategic Consulting for Social Impact’ (SCSI) for Sankara Eye Foundation. Presidents of the organisations, mentors, and a jury comprising alumni and senior faculty members of INSEAD flew in for these two days to guide and assess the project presentations completed by our participants for SCSI.

The meticulously designed immersion module offered our participants 360-degree learning experience with immersive exposure to global business ecosystems. The participants received a certificate upon successful completion of their international immersion programme.

Learn more from the first-hand accounts shared by our participants in their blogs.

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PGPM’s three-week international immersion module provides its participants with the opportunity to learn about evolving global business practices, cross-cultural nuances and the relevance of knowledge sharing. The programme collaborates with premier international business schools to offer its participants world-class learning experiences. The continuously updated module offers a customised curriculum which includes courses in Business Analytics, Finance, Information Management, Marketing, Operations & Supply Chain, and General Management track.

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