Harish Bhat of Tata Sons visits SPJIMR for the campus launch of his new book

April 10, 2017

Harish Bhat, the brand custodian of Tata Sons and Chairman of Tata Global Beverages, was on the SPJIMR campus on Monday 10th April 2017, for the launch of his latest book ‘The Curious Marketer’. The book is a collection of columns exploring more than 50 products, places, people, books and publicity campaigns that excited Bhat as a marketer.

“I must tell you how much we admire and respect your institute for some very fine professionals we have met and some of who work with us,” Bhat told MBA participants.

Consumer research and data analysis are two ways to understand consumers but there is a third way to understand consumers and that is curiosity….not just curiosity about brands but curiosity about life, Bhat said.

He went on to explain how curiosity is at the heart of reading consumers and building great brands.

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