Crafting an effective student learning experience

September 14, 2023

SPJIMR’s Teaching and Learning Academy (TLA) organised its signature Faculty Development Programme (FDP) titled ‘Crafting an effective student learning experience.’ Experienced and senior faculty members conducted sessions on various essential topics for new faculty members and FPM scholars. These interactive sessions covered the essence of effective facilitation, integrating research into teaching, mastering course design fundamentals, teaching with cases and simulations, harnessing digital tools for engagement, crafting and delivering experiential activities to enhance classroom participation, and exploring diverse approaches to course assessments.

A participant-centric approach is at the core of the SPJIMR Teaching Philosophy. With a vision to enhance teaching excellence for our faculty members as well as the academic community at large, the Teaching and Learning Academy (TLA) at SPJIMR conducts numerous faculty development programmes. Recently TLA conducted its flagship Faculty Development Programme (FDP) on ‘Crafting an effective student learning experience’ for new faculty members and FPM Scholars at SPJIMR. Experienced and senior faculty members conducted sessions on the essence of being a facilitator, bringing research into teaching, fundamentals of course design, teaching with cases and simulations, digital tools of engagement, designing and delivering experiential activities for enhanced classroom participation, and different approaches to course assessments.

The participants got the opportunity to engage with their peers, learn more about their teaching journeys, gain insights about creating social contracts and psychological safety in the classroom to go beyond just imparting knowledge. The session offered participants hands-on learning experience of using role plays and games in the classroom, leveraging technology in evaluations, using cases and published articles to steer insightful discussions, enhancing managerial competencies through simulations in courses, and using Bloom’s taxonomy in designing learning objectives and outcomes for a course.

TLA under the leadership of Prof. Tanvi Mankodi, is at the forefront of fostering teaching excellence at SPJIMR.

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