Confluence 2023: SPJIMR participants from diverse management programmes collaborate to solve real-world business challenges.

September 29-30, 2023

The two-day consulting event, Confluence 2023, brought together participants from the Postgraduate Programme in Family Managed Business (PGPFMB) and the Postgraduate Programme in Management (PGPM) to solve real-life business challenges. The event aimed to channelise the creativity and problem-solving acumen of the participants, who played the roles of both business owners and consultants. Their task was to analyse a given business problem and brainstorm potential solutions that would positively impact the business ecosystem. Edition 11 of the event consisted of a preliminary elimination round and the final round in which participants pitched their cases to a panel of accomplished professors and alumni.

The event’s motto of “In our diversity is our strength” underscored the unique cross-programme integration which offers a win-win situation for all involved. PGPFMB 32 and 33 participants collaborated with PGPM 2023 participants to create powerful solutions that made a difference to family businesses while enhancing the knowledge of both groups.

Confluence had a humble beginning as the Consulting Competition of the PGPFMB annual fest Dhandha until 2021. Since 2022, it has evolved into a stand-alone event, subsequently rebranded as Confluence to symbolise the convergence of ideas and collaboration between the PGPFMB and PGDM/PGPM participants.

Confluence 2023 organising committee included Mr. Mehul Bhatnagar and Mr. Eshvary Goyal from PGPM 2023, along with Ms. Pratyasha Ranjit and Mr. Mehul Pasari from PGPFMB, Batch 32. They meticulously curated the event to ensure a seamless integration of diverse perspectives, aligning with the event’s motto.

Winners of Confluence 2023

Rank Team Name PGPM Consultant 1 PGPM Consultant 2 PGPM Consultant 3 PGPM Consultant 4 FMB Consultant FMB Business Owner
1st Raptors Arpan Roy Chowdhury Ashim Debnath Girish Somesh Kumar Vatsal Maheshwari Akarsh Rathi
2nd Wizards Pratik Gupta Gyanendra Tripathy Dhrumil Shah Yadukrishnan Pulpatta Shaily Choudhary Yash Gandhi
3rd Strategy Squads Abhik Ghosh Shivendu Shekhar Rathore Abhishek Srivastava Suraj Kumar Surya Abhishek Jain Rajat Jain
Runners-up Instituters Pratyasha Ranjit Saumya Sharma Ashutosh Yadav Arpan Gupta + Srinivasa Aditya Yogesh Bansal Mehul Pasari

As the event concluded, the organisers and participants alike expressed gratitude for the invaluable learning experiences and the unique opportunity to engage in practical problem-solving within a dynamic business landscape. Reflecting on their experiences, one of the finalists, Abhik Ghosh from PGPM Batch of 2023 (Team Name – Strategy Squads), expressed profound insights gained during the event. “I got to learn a lot, and my horizons expanded in ways I hadn’t anticipated,” he shared. Encouraging future participants, he emphasised the importance of the exposure to real-life business problems and the invaluable lessons that come with it, irrespective of the final results.

Similarly, Kanan Jhunjhunwala, a Business Owner from PGPFMB 33, commended the concept of Confluence for providing a platform for practical learning and execution. While acknowledging the demanding nature of the event for PGDM students concurrently involved in their placement activities, Jhunjhunwala highlighted the event’s enriching feedback and guidance that prompted a comprehensive reconsideration of their brand approach.

Confluence 2023 not only facilitated a collaborative problem-solving environment but also nurtured a culture of learning and adaptability, setting the stage for continuous growth and development for future business leaders and consultants.

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