42nd Foundation Day

April 17, 2023

SPJIMR celebrated its 42nd SPJIMR Foundation Day on April 17, 2023. Every year, April 17 is an occasion for the SPJIMR community to come together and celebrate the institute’s journey of excellence in academia, research, and innovation. Since its inception in 1981, SPJIMR has been committed to its mission: ‘to influence managerial practice and to promote value-based growth by advancing wise innovation through its teaching, research and community engagements. Over the years SPJIMR has been recognised globally for its commitment to developing future business leaders who are socially responsible, rooted in values, and committed to aligning businesses to societal needs for sustainable growth and development.

Prof. Ratika Gore, SPJIMR alum and current deputy programme chairperson PGPGM shared memories of being a participant at SPJIMR and witnessing how SPJIMR transformed from being one of the many business schools in Mumbai to become the leading business school in India. She recounted the humbling experiences from her DoCC rural internship at Kausani and highlighted how the SPJIMR community has consistently upheld the shared value of “SPJIMR first” through all these years.

Prof. Sesha Iyer who has been associated with the institute for over two decades walked the audience through the institute’s rich history and legacy deeply rooted in the philosophy of its founding trust Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. He acknowledged the institute’s contributions to the field of responsible management education and its commitment to providing transformative learning experiences. He urged the SPJIMR community to take forward the institute’s mission and amplify its illustrious legacy for future generations.

SPJIMR HR Director, Daya Sajnani informed the audience about her past association with SPJIMR as a client in her previous role at the Shapoorji Pallonji Group (SPG) and enlisted the many reasons why she preferred to partner with SPJIMR for SPG’s learning and development needs. She then reflected on the values that have been the driving force behind SPJIMR’s success and highlighted the institution’s commitment to creating a supportive, inclusive and equitable ecosystem that fosters learning, growth, and development.

At the Foundation Day event, SPJIMR acknowledged the invaluable contributions of its members by conferring the Long Service Awards upon those who have devoted 20 and 10 years of unswerving service to the institute.

The event concluded with the SPJIMR community reaffirming its commitment to excellence for years to come. The institute remains dedicated to providing responsible management education and driving innovation for a positive impact on business and society.

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