Jul 11, 2018

Business Leaders need Machine Learning

R Jayaraman

Machine learning and Artificial intelligence are no more playgrounds for businesses only. These technologies are getting embedded in our day to day life. Business Leaders need to understand the impact they create and the value the users associate with it. As an instance consider AI Powered mobile phones, to be more precise ML powered mobile phones which can do tasks earlier meant for only big servers. New generation phones now come fitted with chips capable of running ML models.

Consider an employee of a construction company carrying a mobile phone capable of doing advanced design and architectural designs. For that matter consider the EPC company employee being able to create and high level CAD on his mobile. Machine Learning using Neural networks is being pushed to mobiles now. Google’s TensoFlow can be run on a mobile phone. Its Pixel2 will have a chip supporting production ML without access to servers.

The business Leaders need to do two things, firstly understand the machine learning concepts, principles and the usage. Secondly they need to visualise the business models and processes therein to manage future business with the AI & ML powered handset wielding employees. Future will be governed by ML powered businesses.

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