Jun 13, 2018

Big Data & Machine Learning Juggernaut – I

Anil Vaidya

Its phenomenal today that Machine Learning is taking a pole position almost in every arena. In the past couple of years it is becoming more and more apparent that all of us will some way experience machine learning capabilities or facets through usage of digital media. The ‘Clouds’ are coming in full strength offering services that have embedded the machine learning component. The likes of Microsoft and Google and Amazon are advocating use of ML in every way.

The most fascinating feature is the interplay amongst the desktop operating systems, programming languages, the Big Data and Machine learning. The landscape of the computer world is transforming to a completely new age, new era requiring newer specialists. It is vital that one recognizes the juggernaut that is coming our way. The businesses and the individuals alike have the start not only understanding significance but also imbibe newer ways of working in the field.

Its an astonishing fact the ‘Clouds’ are taking new avatars very very quickly, it’s a dancing landscape that the users and consumers are going to look at. As an instance just see the rise of Big Data and the tools required to make meaning out of it. There is tonnes of data getting created and with the skyrocketing deployment of IOT the Big Data is also ballooning. We will need different tooling to handle and manage such a tidal wave, more important we need expertise that we never had earlier to cope with it. The business graduates and engineers alike have to brace themselves for this new impact and move forward real quick. If not they are going to be left behind with no clue what hit them.

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