Dr. Vidyut Lata Dhir
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Vidyut Lata Dhir

Professor and Department Chair, Organisation and Leadership Studies (OLS)

Vidyut Lata Dhir is Professor & Department Chair, Organisational Behaviour & Leadership at SPJIMR. She holds a Ph.D. from SNDT University, with her research focus on Organisational Commitment and Citizenship Behaviour. She holds an M.Phil. from Mumbai University and a master’s in psychology from Panjab University.

With over 3 decades of experience, she has taught at top B Schools in India and Germany. Her 20+ years of corporate training and consulting include designing and delivery of Management Development programmes on Leadership and Building High Performing Teams.

She is passionate about Women Leadership and recently directed an 18-month Women Leadership programme co-created with Mahindra and Mahindra experts, which won them the UNGCNI Award for Best Innovative Practices for successfully implementing a first-of-its-kind Women Leaders Programme.

She has spearheaded the design & development of Personal Growth Lab – an innovative pedagogic innovation to teach Organisational Behaviour through experiential learning. She was awarded an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship (2014) by the European Union for Interdisciplinary Bridges for Indo-European Studies.

As a licensed psychologist, she pioneered Vishwas – a Centre for nurturing psychologically safe spaces and is a Co-Founder at Nest, a start-up dedicated to mental well-being. She has dedicated her efforts to guiding, mentoring, coaching & counselling, decoding life stories and impacting lives meaningfully across countries, academic programmes, industries & sectors.

She is a panellist at international conferences and is also an author. Her research interests include Organisational Commitment, Leadership, Design Thinking, and Innovative Pedagogy. Her research articles have been published in peer-reviewed journals.

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SNDT University

Ph.D. in Organisational Behaviour, 2013
Dissertation Title: Organisational Commitment and its Role in Managing Responsibility in an Organisation

University of Mumbai

Phil. in Psychology, 1993
Dissertation Title: Indian Merchant Navy Officers’ Attributions of Responsibility as a function of Subjects Status, Outcome Severity, Causal Controllability, and Acceptance versus Denial of Responsibility

University of Punjab

MA, 1980
Major: Psychology

University of Punjab

BA (Hons.), 1978
Major: English


    Pedagogic Innovations

    Organisational Commitment & Citizenship Behavior

    Attribution of Responsibility

    Design thinking in HR

    Intersection of Psychology and Technology, Psychological Safety

    Individual Factors in Cyber security.



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    Design Thinking and Human Resource Management – A Natural Fit? – Writing

    Developing the Growth Mindset of Leaders through Impacting the Knowing, Doing, and Being: Path Breaking Scientifically designed non-classroom initiatives in MBA Education. – Writing

    What makes employees of family firms more committed and go beyond their call of duty? Role of ‘firm ownership type’ in Organisational commitment and citizenship behaviour- Under Review.

    Your Compliance with Cybersecurity Norms: Role of Personality and Team Environment. – Writing.


    Organisational Behaviour


    Design Thinking and Innovation


    Recipient of the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship (2014) by the European Union for Interdisciplinary Bridges for Indo – European Studies

    Best-Case Writer Award for the case, “An Innovative Pedagogy for Teaching & Learning of Organisational Behaviour in B-Schools” at FLAME International Conference on Cases and Pedagogical Innovations, 2017.


    Design Thinking for Economic Times, 2021

    Staff Workshops on Interpersonal Effectiveness, 2021

    Women Leadership Programme, 16 participants. (February 15, 2020 – February 16, 2020)

    Emerging Leaders, 15 participants. (May 9, 2019 – May 11, 2019).

    Enhancing Self-Awareness and Building High Performing Teams Huntsman PU Division, 27 participants. (July 9, 2019 – July 10, 2019)

    Workshop, Enhancing self-awareness and interpersonal effectiveness, MUI Women’s Wing on Empowering Women in Maritime community, 24th September 2019

    Staff Workshops on Self-Awareness, 2015

    Developing Leadership Competencies for German Soldiers, June 2014

    Workshops, Team Building and Stress Management, Merchant Navy officers, 1998 – 2004

    Faculty Development workshop on Decoding Personality Differences


    Organisational Behaviour


    Design Thinking and Innovation


    External PhD Advisor , R.V. University, Bangalore, India


    Academy of Management

    Management of Labour Studies



    ADMAP Committee



    Advisor, Mental Health Initiative at Sardar Patel Institute of Technology and Sardar Patel College of Engineering, Mumbai (June 2017 to Feb. 2020)

    Organized Mental Wellbeing sessions through ‘Vishwas and Beyond’ at the GSBN Beyond Virtual conference from 11th October to 1st November 2020. GBSN is a non-profit Organisation, Washington DC ( gbsn.org). Participants from across the GBSN network participated.

    Advisor, Mental Health at Rajhans Vidyalaya, Mumbai (June 2011 to 2015)

    Advisor, Bhavan’s Research Center (BRC Microbiology) Jun 2016 – Jul 2020

    Conceptualized and organized

    7th SBAC HR conclave 2017, Theme: New Age People Management

    6th SBAC HR Conclave 2016, Theme: Exploring the Changing Employee-Employer Relationship

    5th SBAC HR Conclave 2015, Theme: Equity in the Workplace: Tapping Talent from the Margins.

    4th SBAC HR Conclave 2014, Theme: Business as HR Partners – Redefining the Relationship

    5th SBAC HR Conclave 2013, Theme: Building Inclusive Workplaces by Harnessing Diversity

    6th SBAC HR Conclave 2012, Theme: Organisational and Social Transformation through Innovative Human Resource Management

    7th SBAC HR Conclave 2011, Theme: Managing People in changing Business environment: Implications for industry and management education

    HR Symposium Does HR really add value to an Organisation, 17th Jan 2010

    SPJIMR’s Business Leadership Seminar: 4th Jan 2008 – Leadership in the changing socio-economic context

    Pioneered Vishwas, a unique initiative at SPJIMR, for creating psychologically safe spaces for students through counselling, coaching, creating, and nurturing an ecosystem of symbiotic human connections. Facilitated non-classroom initiatives geared towards building ‘Being’ aspects of Management students.

    Participated in Design Thinking, Creative Thinking and Innovation, led by Dr Shrikant Datar from Harvard Business School, TOPSIM Simulation on General Management

    Created a Virtual Personal Growth Lab to mirror the offline experiential experience in the online medium.

    Curated a Design Thinking and Innovation course in the online mode

    Introduced the concept of Experiential Learning and Personal Growth Labs to the students across programmes ranging from Humanities, Interior Designing to Engineering and Management at Reutlingen University, Germany, 2014.

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